1 of each please at Tacos and Salsa .. Arriba Arriba!!

by Fauzia

Delivery: An order of Tacos and Salsa .. Arriba Arriba!!

Arriba ArribaAndale Andale. ‘get up get up, let’s go let’s go! While is this is a saying in Mexico, you still hear the word “├índale” which has several meanings including “hurry up”, “com’on”, “move on”, ” do it” So what are you waiting for, Tacos and Salsa Restaurant is hot and spicy freshness!! These guys don’t waste any time, I had put in an order and immediately they fulfilled it. They are moving the restaurant from one location to another they were cool calm and collected. No excuses, just amazing service!! Now that is what I am talking about!! Arriba!! 

Ok, so I was craving the taste of Mexican food and I am so happy the craving surpassed after eating Tacos and Salsa Mexican Restaurant and Bar food! I literally couldn’t wait to get these crunchy fresh nacho chips dipped in spicy salsa to gobble them up crunch by crunch! 

Homemade Nacho Chips

This burrito was so thick and hearty. You will notice the BIG Burrito in every picture because it was so big I could only eat half of it. The other half of course was happily eaten by my friend who took photos. The mouth-watering taste of the beans, chunks of chicken, cheese, guacamole and Mexican spices. Make sure when you order from Tacos and Salsa Mexican Restaurant and Bar, that you don’t eat anything all day.

Tacos and Salsa Mexican Restaurant and Bar services up a mean set of enchiladas. Cheesy, gooey, tasty and creamy all in one bite! Love the Mexican flavours, I sure miss my days in California going to the little Mexican eateries at very corner! 


How to describe this flavorful quesadilla? They were big shrimps, cheese red and green capsicum, onion, and crispy red cabbage. I dipped these in the additional refried beans, dipped in the hot salsa for an explosion of flavours. I can eat these cheese-filled delicious quesadillas all day long from Tacos and Salsa Mexican Restaurant and Bar! 

Chicken and Bean Burrito

The chimichanga pictures here were packed with spinach and chicken it was so delicious and huge I could only eat a quarter of it. (notice the burrito photo bomb … LOL). My friend who is here to take these lovely photos of this amazing Mexican food said the chimichanga was his favourite. Although neither of us could decide, as all the food was delectable and delicious at Tacos and Salsa Mexican Restaurant and Bar!

Fish Tenders

The fish tenders were an unexpected surprise. I loved the saltiness of the fish tenders scooped up with fresh chopped up raw onion tomatoes and parsley, which was flavour-filled! Furthermore, these morsels didn’t have a chance, they were gobbled up quickly. The fish tenders are the perfect appetizer before the big portion of Burrito or the Enchilada. Who doesn’t love Mexican food? I love Mexican food because of the use of fresh tomatoes, fresh onions, and the guacamole really adds authentic flavours to this Mexican food. Tacos and Salsa Mexican Restaurant and Bar definitely have that down to a tee! Thank you so much for the spiked “lemonade”! That was the completion of the meal I had. slowing sipped it while eating the amazing food. 


The chilli was hearty and fulfilling! I remember when I was very little my father made us a big pot of chili and literally it was exactly what it was called it was so spicy we could barely eat it. I can remember my siblings and I are running for the jug of water to douse the fire in our mouth!

The Chili brings back fond memories. LOL!! Rest assured this is not like my father is chilly however it was very tasty and definitely can eat this over a few meals. I would describe Tacos and Salsa Mexican Restaurant and Bar, as very efficient and happy. They were such a delight to work with and the food was the same. Please make sure to look at their new location in OnNut. 

Make sure you LIKE their FB page and place an order for some good wholesome tasty Mexicano food! 

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