Use Italian Food To Make Someone Fall In Love With You @ La Case Nostra!

by Fauzia

Luckily, La Casa Nostra, is close walking distance to where I live. I wanted to experience the entire adventure of walking to this well-known rustic Italian restaurant inside a secluded location on Soi Goethe, in Sathorn. We were greeted by the very wonderful friendly staff and seated with proper social distancing.

La Casa Nostra has such a beautiful ambiance, the rustic nature was warm and inviting like the warm summer sun. There were few tables beaming with satisfied smiles and I knew right then and there, this was gonna be a great dining experience.

Firstly, we were served the soft in house bread along with crunchy breadsticks. The balsamic vinegar was unlike anything I have tasted, not the usual vinegar, but very smooth and slightly sweet. I didn’t want to eat all the bread but it was so so hard, because who doesn’t love fresh baked bread! YUM! I did hold back on the bread as the appetizer was on its way.

Fish Fried Appetizer

When the appetizer came to our table I actually didn’t know what it was. My friend and I were amazed at this simple and tasty fish appetizer! I wish there were more of these, make sure you order these at La Casa Nostra. These fish came with the tail attached. No bones about this! Actually, there were literally no bones in the fish, you pick it out and dip it and viola start to eat it!

I was flabbergasted at the way this was prepared. It was so creatively prepared and furthermore, it made you want to order more! 

Baby Tomato & Burrata Salad

Would you look at the presentation of this salad (check the gallery of pictures below), it looks too good to eat, I exclaimed! I said to my dinner companion, should we eat this or just stare at it? We both laughed, and delicately dug right in!

We started destroying the beautiful display of the salad, as we carefully split open the burrata cheese with a knife. It spilled so slowed over the baby red and green tomatoes. We slowly savoured the taste as slowly as the burrata was making its way over the tomatoes. 

Vitello tonnato is a Piedmontese

I’ve never had a dish so creatively prepared such as this one. According to Wikipedia, Vitello tonnato is a Piedmontese dish of cold, sliced veal covered with a creamy, mayonnaise-like sauce that has been flavoured with tuna. It is served chilled or at room temperature, generally in the summertime, as the main course of an Italian meal or as “an exceedingly elegant antipasto for an elaborate dinner.”

La Casa Nostra really did a number on this one. Along with this dish of cold sliced meat, was teeny dollops of smoked caviar so rich and elegant. It was simply delicious no other words to describe the richness of texture and taste all in one. 


I absolutely love the way this gnocchi was served so very Nonna style! Ok, I have no idea what Nonna style is but I just found out! The gnocchi is usually potato-filled, however, this one was spinach and no potato. This incredibly yummy gnocchi did not last long in the dish. It was so light and flavorful with the tomato sauce was pure divine in each spoonful! We also had two more items, which were very simple vegetarian spaghetti pasta with garlic and all the right seasoning.

Lava Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

We also splurged and had dessert. Normally he would order the usual Tiramasu, however, I got him to try something that he has never had. Thanks to me, he is now addicted to it, …… (drum roll please) … the molten lava cake with vanilla bean ice cream! What is there not to be addicted too! All that ooey-gooey delicious dark chocolate spilling out of the molten cake mixing with the coolness of the ice-cream and hot melty chocolate! Each single, sinful, spoonful reminded me why I have a gym membership!! Definitely worth the week’s calorie splurge! Go for it, you won’t regret it!!

Wine Cellar

One of the things that I do have to boast about this place is there an actual Wine cellar. They have a really cool Wine cellar on-premise and you can go in to see the type of wines they have to drink at the restaurant or take home or both!! They have an incredible wine list so you can call them at any time and have wine delivered to you or you can come there have some great dinner with some wine and take some home with you if you wish. 

All the scrumptious dishes were prepared by the wonderful Chef Nino, who came to the table for every dish. He proceeded to explain the creative ways each and every dish was prepared. I love this aspect of dining because I also love to cook and to see the passion come from the chef size about what they do is very special.

I am so grateful that Nino and his team catered to us at the wonderful restaurant. The ambiance, the decor, the dim lighting and the aura of this place is the perfect date place! If you need a night out to deliciously sip on some Montepulciano d’Abruzzo vino and eat delicious food, this is the right place for you! 

With Love and Gratitude,


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