Brunch at Catch Beach Club: Phuket’s Premier Sunday Destination!

by fauzia

If you re heading to Phuket and know you wil be there over the weekend, make sure to book the brunch at Catch Beach Club. We were so fortunate to be able to get in to the Sunday Brunch for a table for 4. We were waiting to try this brunch for weeks. Thank goodness we knew someone who could squeeze us in!

When starting a buffet, where does one start? My guess is that the ladies typically start at the salad station and then move long to the rest, whereas, the men go straight for the meat and potatoes. Furthermore, shall we test this theory as there were 2 gentleman with me and another friend Jill, who is vegetarian by the way and guess where she started?

There a many great option to chose from such s a pizza station where they make “your own” pizzas. The other stations include a salad bar, a fresh seafood station, a cheese lovers with dried fruit station, a fresh pasta station and of course the meat station all the while staring into the gorgeous Andaman sea.

The meats are grilled to perfection from rare to medium well. You can go as many times as you like as this is a buffet brunch. This brunch boasts a unique blend of different stations and not under heat lamps, You can easily go any station and ask what they have and the portions are small but perfect because there are so many choices.

I love the salad bar, it has so many cool choices to add on to your salad, such dried figs, peppered non oily bacon which is kinda like jerky and of course all the nut toppings as you wish. This was the bomb for Jill and I who loves to eat our greens and not so much the guys on our table.

The beef stroganoff was very light and tasty, you might wanna eat the pasta towards the end as it is quite filling and can fill you up pretty quickly, so just keep that in mind.

I absolutely loved the cheese plate I got, lots of great cheese and other condiments to accompany the flavors of the cheese such as naturally dried strawberries, fresh dates, grapes and dried mangos. What a delight! Check our our Youtube Channel on the cheese station right here:

So right towards the end of the brunch probably an hour left, the fashion show started! These gorgeous girls in swimwear modelling the latest beach trends and 1 guy who literally was rushing his fashion debut! He was scurrying past all the guests wearing the latest men’s trends for beach wear. It was quite cute. The other cool services other than the food,, were the ladies who were coming up to the tables and giving the patrons a nice shoulder neck massage which was super cool, with consent of course,

Oh a who can forget the dessert bar, wow, the dessert bar came with delectable delights of pint size. Nonetheless, each bite was tasty and delicious. The desserts included in the bunch had quite a wide variety of uniquely prepared sweets.

My favourite was the salted caramel ice cream, however for me it was way too sweet so I ended up sharing with the guys. I really enjoyed the entire variety of the brunch, we were super stuffed and satisfied after gorging.

My friends were so full and couldn’t eat another morsel. What an incredible way to spend a Sunday.

Thank you Ian and the Catch Beach Club for entertaining us and allowing us to experience this wonderful most sought our brunch on this side of the island. I am truly grateful for the team who looked after us and served our table. The food, service, and location, can’t get any better than that! Definitely book your brunch today at Catch Beach Club and for more adventures in and around Phuket – click here for special deals.

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