Cozy and delicious at Masala of India

by Fauzia

2 passionate brothers and a huge vision for a cozy little restaurant named Masala of India was born! Located on the main road on Charoen Krung 73, across from the Chatrium Riverside, Masala of India boasts full menu and quality freshness.

Now .. let’s dig into this freshly prepared samosas and fire up our taste buds for some deliciousness!

Veggie Samoas with spicy cilantro chutney and tamarind chutney

The fillings and he samosa pastry is what makes for a good samosa and Masala of India hit have a 5 star on these babies! The spice level without chutney is great but if you want to put your senses on high alert – dip your samosa into that green chutney!! Best of luck!

Bread Pakora with Chutney

When the bread pakoras came out, I was very excited to try them because I’ve never tried these before and I thought what a great treat this will be. They were soft and chewy delicately spiced, and as you can tell the mint green chutney was the first to go with these bread pakoras. This I would highly recommend for an appetizer and make sure you order the spicy chutney with it.

Veggie Thali
Achari Okra (bhindi), Yellow Daal Tarka Fresh Chapati, White Rice and Kachumbar

Who doesn’t love a great Indian veggie thali? Masala of India also have a non-veg thali that comes with chicken instead of the okra. I really enjoyed having this thali prepared for us as I was excited to try the okra and daal. Often Indian restaurants get stuck making the same dishes as other restaurants, but this place has such a different variety which I was delighted to see. The Okra is called Achari Bhindi, which was prepared with “achari” spices and was very tasty. The okra was slightly crispy in texture. This daal is one of my staple favourites. I live the dried red chilli on top as a decoration, for me, it was spice to be eaten!

Lamb Rogan Gosht with Roti

This Rogan Josh, the lamb was in a thick gravy and very hearty to eat with garlic naan. Rogan josh, also written roghan josh or roghan ghosht, is an aromatic curried meat dish of Persian or Kashmiri origin. It is generally made with red meat, traditionally lamb or goat. It is a rich dark red colour and flavoured primarily by alkanet flower or root and Kashmiri chillies. This is what gives the rich red hue to the dish. It is one of the signature recipes of Kashmiri cuisine. DELISH!!

Chicken Tandoori

Ahhhhh…. what to be said about the classic tandoori chicken!! This chicken was cooked to perfection, soft, succulent and juicy chicken! I live the way it is presented in full style by Amit. The crunchy fresh onions drizzled with tandoori masala also add nice essence to the overall taste of the tandoori chicken. Definitely this is something that you want to order for dinner on a night where you don’t feel like cooking. The delivery is hot and fresh.

Masala Chai

Yes, highly sweet masala chai the ideal drink to have after a spicy meal. The sweetened chai leaves no craving for sweet Indian desserts. A good thing, as I definitely blew my calories on the buttered garlic naan.

Manish and Amit are the creative geniuses behind Masala of India. They cater to all size of parties in and around Bangkoks and to place orders directly for free delivery. Masala of India is on all delivery platforms, grab, foodpanda, wongnai and etc.

Thank you to Manish and Amit for allowing us to taste come creative Indian cuisine.

Wiht love and gratitude,


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