Creatively Unique at Sorriso Italian Vegetarian

by Fauzia

Delivery: Creatively Unique at Sorriso Italian Vegetarian

Sorriso Рmeans only rice in Italian, however, there is more than just rice at this vegetarian eatery, Sorriso Italian Vegetarian!! I love the vegetarian & vegan theme of this restaurant. I ordered some of the most original and different Italian veg food with a twist. The owner of this place was so kind and helpful. 

When the delivery came from Sorriso Italian Vegetarian , I got 2 pizza boxes. I was wondering why, because there was only 1 pizza and well, lo and behold, the second one had garlic bread!! I was like this is crazy garlic bread but I sure enjoyed something so deliciously twisted. It was garlicky, crispy, crunchy and light. How did they ever think of serving garlic bread like this? 

One of my favourite pasta dishes includes black olives I don’t know why but I love the taste of black olives in my pasta. At Sorriso, with the right amount of spice and loads of olives, this pasta was the perfect dinner date for me and movie night. The Thai red chillies pack a punch of spicy flavorful spoonfuls or should I say forkfuls! This pasta was simply delicious.

I’m not too much into creamy pasta sauces and this one had a little bit too much cream for my liking, however, the little ravioli pockets were scrumptious. I sprinkled some high dried red chillies on it and of course, some coarse black pepper which I love on my pasta which made a smooth transaction from fork to tummy!

It took me an entire two days to eat this pizza made by Sorriso, because I so enjoy fresh hot pizza and I love it the next day cold pizza. This pizza was like to go-to thing in my fridge when you felt a tinge of hunger pains. I took a slice and dipped it in crushed red chilli peppers and munched on it while I binged on The Ozark on Netflix! Great job Sorriso! I wish I could have one in my fridge right now at the moment because I don’t feel like cooking! I love the crust and the ideal amount of sauce. Furthermore, it really was a perfect amount of toppings on the pizza with mushrooms and truffle oil. 

When I open the container for this butterfly pea risotto from Sorriso Italian Vegetarian, I had to do a double-take. I love butterfly pea drinks and even desserts but I’ve never seen or eaten anything quite like this. A simple vegetarian risotto with butterfly pea seasoning or flavouring was superb. I loved it because it was so different and unique. What I really enjoyed the most was eating it slowly and savouring the taste of the butterfly pea. If you like the flavour of butterfly pea highly recommend this dish! The owners of Sorriso Italian Vegetarian are the same as Sara’s veg and both restaurants are worth a visit now the Covid restrictions are easing up even more-so. They are located in the same building on different floors so you can have a two in one Indian or Italian choice of cuisine.

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