Decadently Rich & buttery pastry at BreadTime Stories!

by Fauzia

Delivery: Rich, flaky & buttery pastry at BreadTime Stories!

What is the first thought you think of when you think of croissants? Fluffy, soft, chewy, flaky, buttery, melty, rich and so on! At BreadTime Stories, you can actually add more positive words to your vocabulary to describe these decadently real french croissants. At BreadTime Stories, the flour and butter are directly imported from France.

Butter Croissants

In addition, these French appetizing baked goods can be devoured for breakfast or anytime you feel like a croissant delight! For the carb weary concerned, these are a must-try at least once!!

Rasin Scones

Raisin scones and of course the plain ones are some of my favourite ways to eat a scone. These freshly baked raisin scones are good even just with a small smidge of butter with a nice cup of hot tea. I really enjoyed the plain scone with raspberry jam and French butter slightly spread all over to be enjoyed one side at a time. Coffee, Tea or scone? 

BreadTime Stories provided an assortment to try the different croissants, plain plus the ones with fillings. Good croissants are light, flaky, and delicately sweet. Enjoy one with a cup of coffee — preferably while sitting in a charming Parisian cafe …. well hopefully later this year I can go and do that!

As a kid, I could remember my grandmother making fresh English scones with butter and jam. 

Scones with homemade Jam

Ham & Mustard Croissant: Where did this one go? Highly addictive for any time of the day! DAMN! This was awesome!! Matcha Green Tea Pastry Cream Croissant: Matcha has caught the world by storm with its anti-oxidant and healing benefits. This matcha green tea pastry cream has a pleasant and smooth flavour. Highly Recommend this one to try! High-quality Matcha is used to make this pastry cream. 

Assorted Croissants

Raspberry Filled Croissant: This is the stuff dreams are made of! This croissant had to be one of my highly recommended one! Not only because of the croissant itself but the jam used inside – OMG!!! Plain Croissant: Rich, crispy flaky, buttery and stretchy – so so good!! Chocolate Scone: The chocolate used in this croissant was a dark variety and particularly sweet and gooey! Croissant is a French buttery, flaky, viennoiserie pastry of Austrian origin, and named for its historical crescent shape. Croissants and other pastry viennoiseries are made of layered yeast-leavened dough, which is easier to digest! BreadTime Stories have different fillings so please make sure to inquire what other fillings they may have.

BreadTime Stories is an A+ bakery.

All the ingredients are carefully selected for an amazing bakery experience. Kudos to the bakers and owner of this amazing establishment.

Please check out their website and FB page. They have outstanding baked pastries! 

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