Delivery Review: Bangkok Secret Garden to have a Private Chef The Right Way!

by Fauzia

I was perusing through my Facebook feed when I came across this intriguing restaurant and decided to find out more on Bangkok Secret Garden – Private Table.

The concept of this place is very cool, they have only up to 20 people seating, or great for small group corporate events or birthday parties. They have entertainment via games you can participate in (of course I haven’t gone there yet) due to COVID restrictions, however I have spoke to Benjamin and had a great discussion about the establishment. It sounds like a very ‘Home away from Home” good time to spend for an evening and so something different.

Here what is available in Bangkok Secret Garden / Grandma’s Kitchen is a healthy mediterranean menu of freshest and fine ingredients made to perfect on the same day. You gotta make sure you book in advanced for orders as they make everything fresh and especially right now for delivery and take away.

Chicken Couscous

Chicken CousCous

The very first thing I dove into was the couscous! One of my dearest friends who is moroccan, use to come to my home to make couscous. The Couscous from Bangkok Secret Garden / Grandma’s Kitchen was super. Light in taste and spices spot on. It came with a very succulent tasting broth on the side to add to the chicken couscous. While I am devouring these delicious fresh made dinners, I was reminiscing of on of my days back in Canada.

A friend of mine came to try this with me and we both were super impressed at the delivery packaging details to ensure no leakage or spillage.

Seafood Paella

Seafood Paella

What is Paella? Paella (pai·ei·uh) is a classic Spanish rice dish made with rice, saffron, vegetables, chicken, and seafood cooked and served in one pan. The aroma of this paella was mouthwatering. It was chocked packed full in aluminum tin with rice underneath, almost to the point of spilling over. An ideal paella has a thin layer of toasted, slightly caramelized rice on the bottom of the pan—the socarrat. Huge portion of seafood in the serving. It was really good for 2 people.

If you have ever been to Chatuchuck Market on the weekend (prior to COVID) you would have definitely seen on the main road, a Spanish chef whipping up a massive round pan making paella! I love the multicultural diversity of living in Bangkok as the food scene here is out of this world!

Remember if you want delivery from here, you need to contact few days in advance as they make everything fresh with the finest ingredients.


French Churros and Chocolate dip

One of my favourite desserts especially with vanilla ice-cream are Churros! Who doesn’t love churros! Churros are a popular Mexican dessert that is also quite popular in the US. They are made with simple choux pastry fried in hot oil and coated in cinnamon sugar. Boy oh Boy I was happy to see Grandma’s Kitchen making them fresh in Bangkok! The chocolate dip is the perfect sweetness for this churro to have with a hot cuppa java!

If you want a good fix of French, Thai and Mediterranean cuisines, definitely put this on your redial list! Thank you to Benjamin and his staff for putting together such an amazing meal for me to try! Hopefully we can overcome the spread of COVID 19 soon and be able to go enjoy with our family and loved ones! Keeping fingers crossed for COVID to be over soon! #frenchfood #thaifood #covidbegone

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