Delivery Review: CoColombo is simply delicious served in Banana Leaves.

by Fauzia

Cocolombo brings the flavors & variety of Sri Lanka wrapped in a Banana leaf. The central feature of Sri Lankan cuisine is boiled or steamed rice, served with a curry of fish or meat, along with other curries made with vegetables, lentils, or fruits.

Dishes are accompanied by pickled fruits or vegetables, chutneys, and sambols. This is my second Sri Lankan food experience and I am thrilled. This is a delivery only, so make sure you order early enough as they are typically sold out.

Presentation for me to Key – I loved the Banana Leaf packaging – but wait there is more!

Anything organic, sustainable and authentic sends my heart “joyous” signals! I love people who take time to heal this beautiful planet we call home. This was one of the things that attracted me to the food and I was super curious to try it out.

Vegan inside this Banana Leaf

I am IN LOVE with this packaging and wait til you try the food! WOW! So you take this beautifully wrapped banana leaf, stick in microwave and let the banana leaf flavour infuse the curries and the surprises that await inside. Then untie the string, and be amazed! Furthermore, what a great experience for those who want a distinctive experience.

Lentil Crispy & Mango Curried Pickle.

I was expecting a typical Indian mango pickle and much to my amazement, this was not it. Plump sliced mangos covered in this mild spicy tangy and piquant sauce. This was perfect to add hints of mango in your curries! I enjoyed this taste especially with the lentil crisps.

Chicken Kottu with spicy sauce for dipping!

I really never knew what this ‘kottu” was until I had had it as Kothu Parotta is a popular South Indian street food delicacy. For making this, parotta (flatbread made with all purpose flour) is shredded into bite size pieces and stir-fry it together. The part of the chicken curry is then added or you can dip the chicken kottu to get more spicy flavours or just eat as is. I like to drown my food in chilli peppers! LOL

Usually, it comes with spicy chicken gravy for dipping or you can pour it on and mix it before you eat it. TRUST me folks! This you will want to try.

Vegan Leaf

Jackfruit Curry or Young Jackfruit or Polos is a dry curry with flavours of fiery pepper, roasted curry powder and scraped roasted coconut & coconut milk. One of my favourites is the scraped coconut sambals chutneys. Sri Lankan food is one of the most vegan-friendly cuisines in the world. We have a choice of potato, mango and jackfruit!

OKRA, also known as Ladies Finger or Bandakka in Sinhalese is made into a healthy vegan side dish with mustard seeds, garlic, onions, chilli and a splash of coconut milk. This came in one of the leaves and it added such a nice touch to the curries. Thank you Mother Nature.

Mango Curry, Chicken gravy for the Kottu and Caramelized Banana chunks.

FYI: I had the caramelized banana’s with my coffee in the morning and it was incomparable. It was filling and full on satisfaction, taste wise.

In south Asia, spicy or hot food often comes tempered down for a western palate, in Sri Lanka this normally doesn’t happen. There are a few variations on this base with black curry powder being made without chillies so that the dish is less red, more black from the pepper. The jackfruit vegan leaf comes with the black curry power and not as spicy.

Mutton Leaf

This mildly spiced Mutton was tender and succulent. The rice and the okra next to it added the much necessary compliments to the mutton. Love the way this combo is all wrapped up in one, so there is no need to get up to add anything extra to it. Everything is there to heat and enjoy in the natural banana leaf.

Sri Lankan food offers a vivid array of flavor combinations: sweet caramelized onion relishes, bitter melon, spicy scraped coconut, and the burn of curry tamed by mild rice, and palm sugar sweetened desserts.

Generous huge portions are served in these leaves, looks more that it Is, just a good warning because you won’t be able to stop eating this delicious food.

Thank you to all the wonderful staff that made this colourful and savoury food.

With Love and Gratitude,



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