Delivery Review: Kappra Cafe’s happy food woven in Bangkok’s Social fabric!

by Fauzia

A very interesting concept indeed! This Kappra (means fabric in Hindi/Urdu) cafe is unique and definitely worth the visit! Once we are allowed to roam free in around Bangkok’s creative café scene, Kappra Cafe is going to be one of my go to places for amazing plant-based foods and discovering luxurious fabrics! I love the message they sent to me on the bags!! So thoughtful, caring and beautiful.

At KAPPRA CAFE, shares simple yet creative wholesome, healthy, and delicious plant-based food that intrigues and satisfies your cravings. The idea of society being an interweaving exotic mix of people, food, languages and culture, is what I see in Kappra Café, is just that. Kappra cafe concept is quite offbeat and unique from any other place I have tried.

Kappra Cafe, is enhancing the social fabric, meaning to provide more and better interactions between members of the community so that they can make more friends, be more involved, be happy, be more willing to help someone when there is a need, and be inspired to keep their village a positive, pleasant place to live. Also check out their large selection of luxurious fabrics and co-working space to open soon.

I love all things beautiful and wholesome – they translate both into our fabrics and our food. This intertwining is crucial! Ok.. so let’s begin with this truly fresh mix of spot on flavours of each of these dishes.

Tofu Teriyaki

When I opened this leafy container, it smells exactly like a sushi roll. You actually don’t miss the fish in this dish. All the toppings, the smells and the flavoursome were so bang on. The edame beans added such a nice touch to the texture of the foods. The sourdough bread was touch enough to withstand the sogginess that comes with getting a delivery and the sauces, to die for!

Bazil “Bizu” Bruschetta

I absolutely fell in love with this savoury basil bruschetta sourdough slice. There was so much topping, the piquant balsamic glaze, the freshness of the tomatoes was superb. 1 slice to eat and 1 to definitely take away!

I fell in love with the natural leaf dishes they came in. It felt like a very surreal experience, very cool concept to be served plant based foods in sustainable plant based containers. All the way – super classy!

Kappra Cafe, chose the healthy and colourful world of plant-based food to share it with everyone and it’s no wonder! A 5 out of 5!!

Nam Tok Mhoo Yang

My all time favourite (not that I didn’t like the others) but this one on the spice level was 5 star!! My tastebuds were singing like crazy and couldn’t stop eating this Jack fruit based protein infused with their delicious house made “Jaew” mayo sauce. I cannot wait to try their entire menu! The spice level was through the roof but was so incommensurable.

This is HAPPY food people!! This food, when you eat it makes you feel happy!

Let the Man go, Smoothie in a bowl.

One of the other details which I notice are the names of the dishes. They are very memorable and fun. When this “Let the man go’ smoothie bowl arrived to my home, it was cold and nothing was out of place. When I opened this dishe, I didn’t want to eat it it looked too beautiful to touch, like an artist’s painting. Oodles of delicious granola, blueberries, chunks of kiwis, mango, edible flowers, sprinkles of dried coconut shavings, passion fruit, all mixed in a banana based smoothie. So pretty and incredible! So so good! I am so hooked on this food!

Classic Chocolate chip cookie was thick, chewy on the inside and firm on top. For the full experience, get a nice cup of their java to go and this cookie. Topped perfectly with rock salt, this cookie was heavenly divine. There were tons of chocolate inside as well and who doesn’t love a classic chocolate chip cookie after eating such a fabulous food!

Classic Chocolate Chip cookie

Kappra Cafe, believes in contributing to a world that is kind, compassionate, and cruelty-free. That’s why they create only meat & dairy free cafe cuisine. My all time favourite place to go now! I also had a drink, which was so good-tasting, I can hardly describe it. It was creamy, light and refreshing!

Thank you so so much for this amazing meal of pure fresh goodness, incomparable to anything I’ve yet tried. I cannot boast enough about this place, it is worth every morsel and your tastebuds will thank you as the HAPPY index climbs higher and higher with every bite! Just don’t eat your fingers! LOL

Thank you everyone for this divine experience! You can save the containers and use them for dry goods, for wet foods they will last up to 3 uses. Enjoy these awesome containers. Save the planet.

With love and gratitude,




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