Delivery Review: Manfarang, it’s all about the fries!

by Fauzia

Welcome to Manfarang, the original Belgium Fry shop in Bangkok! The name I found to be quite unusual and I am always attracted to the unusual! LOL. The name of this Belgium fry shop means “potato” in Thai (man farang (Thai: มันฝรั่ง; “farang yam”) meaning potato)! What is Belgium famous for? Belgium is world-famous for its chocolate, waffles, beer, and its national football team, the Red Devils and the national dish is Moules-Frites!! Now you can find it here in Bangkok! YAAY!

Delivery Review

Hah! I took this picture in the elevator of my condo as I love personalized delivery bags that have a sweet endearing messages, so I had to capture this right then and there!! I can hardly wait for the restaurants to open so I can experience eating these frites in a cone style like they do in Belgium.

Mega TGI Bacon

Mega TGI Bacon – French tacos mega size filled with homemade fries, cheese sauce, garlic sauce, bacon and gherkins. I live the panini style servings and when they say mega – it is mega! The sandwich packs a pungent flavour and the gherkin is a much needed crunch plus sour tastiness with the bacon and the fries in between! I had to cut this French taco in 2 parts as it was too big for me to eat in one sitting. I save the rest for the next day and it tasted just as good.

Moreover, lots of salty bacon, the cheese and garlic sauces were soaked into the fries and the pickle was a great added flavourful combination.

The Fala

2. Snack the Fala – French tacos snack size, filled with homemade fries, cheese sauce, algérienne sauce, homemade falafel and bread and butter pickles. Again, I love the different way this falafel was prepared. It was tightly wrapped in the French style taco or panini. Belgian sauces have a very strong reputation in Europe. A bit like Switzerland is for chocolate, or France is for cheese.

In particular, Belgium is a country with a vast North African diaspora, most of them being Moroccans.  So it isn’t far off when the “algérienne sauce” is a very popular sauce to add to almost anything in Belgium.

Belgium Fries with bacon and jalapeño’s

Classic loaded fries – homemade fries loaded with cheese sauce, bacon and jalapeños. It all started from Belgium, Europe. Belgium is a country that is known for its food, their way of frying fries is absolutely unique. The quality of Belgian frites is very important, and the final result depends upon the temperature before cooking. The fries cannot be frozen or too soft before frying, as they need the perfect balance to ensure that, once fried, they are crispy and delicious. When you eat fries, the first ingredient that comes to mind is : the sauce. Moreover, dipped the hot fresh crunchy fries into these mayo dip are delightful.

Nevertheless, Belgian fries are cut thicker. … Another explanation is that the term “French” was introduced when American soldiers arrived in Belgium during World War I, tasted Belgian fries, but called them French as it was the official language of the Belgian Army at that time.

Belgium is more than just waffles!!

Combo sauce – algérienne, truffle, Mayo (all sauces are homemade)

MY absolute favourite is the Truffle sauce. I dipped the sandwiches in these sauces for added flavour. I tried to eat like the Belgium people do, so I watched a video on it. I was fascinated on how sauces are a big part of the culture, but who doesn’t like to double dip? I love the fact that the spuds are locally sourced!!

Thank you to all the staff at Manfarang for sending these delicious bites!! You can place your orders on delivery apps and of course via FB messenger.

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