Delivery Review: Polish donuts exploding with flavour and splashes of Vodka!

by Fauzia

Welcome to Bangkok’s first Polish bakery, called Holy Donut Paczkarnia (pronounced as “punch key).  The newest bakery to take over BKK scene with their delicious vodka splashed donuts. 

This is definitely a first for me and I was super excited to try it and then spoil the ladies in my book club with these exciting donuts.  I love the added “splash of vodka” as I have never tasted anything quite like this!

The pączki are handmade each morning using a traditional Polish recipe.  This recipe at Holy Donut, has been passed down over hundreds of years, distinguished by a delicate, fluffy dough, splash of vodka, and a beautiful halo ring wrapped around the middle, known as an ‘obręczka‘ in Polish.

I asked a dear friend of mine who is Polish and she exclaimed, these are very decadent and rich. She wasn’t kidding. 

Strawberry Filled

I couldn’t believe the amount of jelly packed into this donut, it was oozing out so beautify in my mouth! Traditionally, paczki are made before the Catholic Lent holiday in preparation for Easter. The families were to use all of their sweets and butters before the religious holiday; so paczki were created. 

Definitely, sweet, rich and amazing! The original Polish pączek loaded with hand-turned jam & dusted with freshly powdered sugar.

Green is Matcha

Matcha is a popular flavour among the SE Asian community. These delightful mouthfuls are floofy and cream all at the same time, and one bite is definitely not enough.

A little history lesson here as I am fascinated with these fluffy concoctions.  On the Tuesday before lent, people of Poland used up food so that it would not be spoiled or wasted. The tradition would be to use up their eggs, butter, sugar and fruit by treating themselves one last time before Lent began with these rich donuts. Sugary sweetness!

This tradition was started in the medieval age during the reign of August III.  They definitely knew what they were doing!

Boston Creme

Coated in a layer of Belgian chocolate and filled with hand-turned vanilla milk cream, this is definitely a SE Asia classic flavour.  Covered in thick ,Belguim chocolate, these are perfect for any chocoholic. It will go really well with a nice strong cuppa java. Agree?

One of the most popular pączki – is filled with thick, hand-turned vanilla milk cream & dusted with sugar.  Who doesn’t LOVE a dusted sugar donut?

Typically, the fillings are Powidła (stewed plum jam) and wild rose petal jam are the traditional fillings, but many others are used as well, including strawberry, Bavarian cream, blueberry, custard, raspberry, and apple.  At Holy Donut BKK, I have tried a few to these flavours and cannot wait to try the others. 

I haven’t been to Victory Monument in ages and would definitely love a trip there and what good excuse as any – Holy Donut BKK!! 

WARNING: Only 150 donuts are made per day. According to Holy Donut BKK, online pre-orders have been selling out days in advance. 

They are a stones throw from Victory Monument, and make sure you get your orders on time or pick up from the shop as they are opening on June 1, 2021. 

Thank you to the Owners and staff for sending me this decadent delivery of donuts! I cherished them all!  My favourite, the classic vanilla .. wait .. who am I kidding, I LOVED them all!  LOL.

With Love and Gratitude,




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