Delivery Review: Want to try a Slice of Happy Pizza? Why not?

by Fauzia

This Little Red Over Haus on Sathorn 11 is paving its way into the heart of pizza lovers by relaxing them with the “Happy Pizza”. I was like say WHA? A who? Darn right I wanna try not only 1 but 2 to see what the effects will actually be?

Located in the heart of the Sathorn district in Bangkok, this pizza place is making waves! Just opened up a month ago in Bangkok, this Little Red Oven Haus ON SATHORN 11 is part of a small franchise which hails from the south part of the country.

Cannibis Pizza

Happy Pizza

I have never seen green pizza crust and this was the one main reason I wanted to try this pizza is because of the “happy and relaxed” ingredient in it, the fragrance was very mild.. Woohoo! I thought to myself, is this really happening? The staff at the Little Red Over Haus Sathorn 11 were super helpful and excited for me to try it too!

The legal limits of putting “cannibis” in this pizza left its mark for me. The pizza it self was small, a 10 inch pizza and whilst I shared it with a friend, I didn’t really feel the actual relaxing effect that it was supposed to do. Maybe I should have eaten the whole damn thing myself! LOL I have never tried cannobis infused pizza and this was definitely a nice experience.

Aubergine Pizza & Mexican Hot

1/2 Aubergine and 1/2 Mexican hot style pizza

I love the fact they can do the 1/2 and 1/2 so you can try all the wonderful different flavours they have so…… so pick them all!

The aubergine was just delicious! The crumbled feta cheese lightly sprinkled on it with the basil leaves, along with a non-tomoatey sauce. If you love eggplant, you will love this pizza! The sweet basil leaves were also a great flavour boost to the overall palatableness medley. Of course, mine has to have a heave-ho on the red chilli peppers to spice up a bit!

The Mexican Hot one has pepperoni, lotsa mozza and pickled jalepeno’s peppers! Ok .. when I opened the box, the pizza steaming warm, my friend was drooling just looking at the jalepeno’s!

Almond and Honey with Mushroom Truffle Pizza

Almond and Honey with Mushroom Truffle Pizza

Who doesn’t love a good cold pizza and I am so glad I tried this one cold as it was the NY style almond, honey with the saltiness of the cheese was like having a salted caramel sundae!

This pizza was more of a “dessert” pizza with a different twist and the flavours matched in harmony.

So, if you are looking for 10 inch pizza’s as they all come in this 1 size fit all category, make sure you look up The Little Red Over Haus on Sathorn 11. They are very quick at replying on FB messenger or call them directly. They are vey new to the Bangkok food scene.

Let’s support Bangkok’s restaurants during this difficult time of COVID and lockdown! Hopefully they will relax the restrictions soon.

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