Find these Decadent Bomboloni donuts at Cream by flour flour in Silom 7!

by Fauzia

I have been walking by this small quaint little bakery just tucked inside Silom 7 as I walk to the famous Lalai Sap. One of the many days I was there with my friends, I took them to the window and both squealed and said NO! I big FAT NO and I was like – let’s share this! So at the end of the day, THEY missed out!

These Italian Donuts better known as a Bomboloni are made with a soft yeast dough, fried, rolled in sugar then filled with your favourite pastry cream filling. Served for breakfast and snack or just about anytime you want. Cream by flour flour, is a bakery based in Chaing Mai and now have branched out in Bangkok.

Lemon Meringue

Biting into this soft, gooey deliciousness was somehow very gratifying! The familiar taste of lemon meringue lightly danced on my tastebuds, bringing out a mouth watering squirt, due to the very slight tartness of the lemon. This donut was the bomb! I was like .. pinch me someone please!! However …… I needed to go on! What a tough gig! Cream, you have out done yourself!!

Banoffe Pie

Banoffee Pie

Have you ever wondered what those people are called who create such divine masterpieces? I wanna know who put together these donut delights! The banoffee pie was put in a separate box as I took away all the flavours to try! I was trying to understand why this box got a special box and now I know. This pie was perfectly sweet and lots of delicious fresh cream. It was almost like eating a hamburger because a donut is split in two. The salty caramel give it that extra punch of sweetness, furthermore this banoffee pie would taste so delicious with a hot cup of coffee/tea.

Brown Sugar, Lemon Meringue, Salted Caramel

Brown Sugar Cinnamon & Lemon Meringue and Salted Caramel Donut

Brown Sugar: I am not gonna lie! This is the donut that I went to first in the box of six because the other one was in a special box. There is nothing like syncing your teeth into this delicious light brown sugar dusted divine simple doughnut. If you are craving a simple donut this is the one for you and it’s absolutely delicious.

Salted caramel: Now this one is a whole other story. I didn’t touch the topping and I’m not sure why but it just looked too good to eat. However, when I sunk my pearly whites into this I was quite surprised. This donut has a hard crunchy topping almost like a candy apple. The dark brown is caramel and when biting into this donut, it squishes out a heavenly delicious filling which enhanced and complemented the crunchy topping. For people who are doughnut connoisseur’s and who doesn’t love a good donut MUST, MUST, MUST try this one!

Madagascar Vanilla Donut

One of the donuts that I saw the window was this one the vanilla cream!! It drew massive attention and my eyes were as big as the donut itself. This donut has so much incredible tasting cream inside I don’t even know what to say? The flavours of vanilla pop in your mouth, lightly dusted sugar and fresh cream to satisfy that sweet craving. This doughnut is the go to doughnut if you want subtle flavours of vanilla mixed with cream. I swear if this bakery was in Canada, it would be sold out daily!

Dirty Chocolate Donut

OMG .. can you say HEAVEN!!! Wowzers…. for those chocolate lovers this is a heavenly dream. I think they should rename it and call it a chocolate heavenly dream and this dirty chocolate will do you good. It was so soft and supple filled with this amazing light sweet tasting creamy chocolate. I cannot describe this as it was out of this world – truly!

Kinao Donut

It’s time to say Bye Bye the “KINAKO DONUT” This March will be the last month for kinako! Grab this donut to try it before they get another flavour – this is a definite try – last day March 31, 2021 and hopfully it will take COVID with it! hahah. For one, who loves its simple flavour, Don’t miss out your last chance!!

I am definitely SOLD on this amazing Cream by flour flour bakery for truly tantalizing tasting donuts!! You can find them on FB, Insta and Line: @creambyflourflour! Add them you won’t regret it!

With Love & Gratitude



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