Food is Medicine it’s Life force ~ Pranaa

by Fauzia

Food is Medicine it’s Life force ~ Pranaa

As I sit here slowly munching away on the vegan poke bowl, which was delivered to the comforts of my home. I’m wondering what inspired this vegan place to name the restaurant, Pranaa? I knew it has some eastern Hindu influence so I put on my detective hat and quick sleuthing skills (google mostly) and I realize it’s actually a word for life force. Pranna is delivery only, it comes quick, fast and ready to devour. I wanted to include the full meaning of Pranaa, which in Hindu philosophy including yoga, Indian medicine and Indian martial arts, prana (प्राण, prāṇa; the Sanskrit word for breath, “life force”, or “vital principle”) permeates reality on all levels. I also spoke to Udit, the owner, who graciously filled me in on the background and history of this little gold nugget of a place. 

“food is medicine”, is the main concept of this incredible vegan place called Pranaa. The Plant-Based Whole Food (PBWF) diet is a lifestyle that tries to maximize the intake of whole plant foods such as:

Poke Bowl
  • Vegetables, Fruits, Whole Grains
  • Beans, Lentils, Legumes, Nuts & Herbs & Spices
  • The mild flavours at Pranaa were enhanced with the sauces on the side for this fresh Poke Bowl. The veggies were fresh and crunchy. Each dish is prepared that day to ensure quality. I was engrossed in savouring all the delicious aromas of not just the Poke bowl but all the other dishes I ordered. 

Pranaa also has a Risotto is a traditional Italian rice dish made from a short-grained, starchy variety of rice called arborio rice. I knew it was rice of sorts and this creative blend of basil and mushrooms will definitely make you want to go for second helpings. It was quite filling so 1 order would definitely do the trick! I love to eat my food with 5 star zing so for me I needed to add chili oil to this tasty number.


My son turned vegan not too long ago and he and I have great discussions about vegan versus carnivores. This was the first time I tried beyond meat burger and I can honestly tell you I enjoyed every single bite. As a matter of fact, it satiated the craving for meat and tasted like a real meat burger patty! This burger did not see the light of day as it was simple but very zesty and went down quite nicely! (I added a bit more mustard & onion for my liking)! It is good to toggle back and forth between beyond meat and lentil or garden varity for patties. 

Delivery with reusable containers

OK guys stop drooling for a moment, I just wanted to talk about the delivery and the options that they give to order reusable containers which I think is such an incredible… give back to the “earth moment here”. At no extra charge, they ask you if you want reusable containers which of course I said yes to eliminate excess garbage and plastic use so, they come in brand new containers sealable with side clips which you can reuse over and over again I think this is a brilliant idea for food delivery and if you can’t finish it I’ll just keep it in the container.

I purposely left the food in the containers because I wanted the viewers to realize that this is how you’re going to receive your food this is a delivery-only restaurant and it is carefully packaged and cooked in a way that it makes it look like you cooked it at home.

Now back to the food, the fajitas were like having a little mini bean burrito. Packed with ooey-gooey goodness these bean burritos came with two sauces, one tomato and one yellow fresh pepper mix, which adds additional flavour to the already tasty fajitas. This one will for sure go on the favourite for re-order.

Mini Bean Burritos

For some reason lately, I’ve been really enjoying the dry noodles not too saucy or soupy but just dry with a good mixture of spices and crispy vegetables. The noodles were properly cooked, the noodles were not goopy, therefore the texture was delightful. All of the noodles/pasta is all made a 100% vegan.

The mashed potatoes on top of the shepherd’s pie were super creamy and the filling had all the nutritional vegetables you could want in one meal. One definitely doesn’t miss the ground beef/lamb when feasting on this version of Vegan Shepard’s pie.

Shepards Pie – Vegan

At Pranaa, they do not use any cooking oil in their pantry. Therefore, without any cooking oil & any meat or animal products, our meals contain predominantly high carbohydrate content.

This diet can also be referred to as a Low-Fat Diet: this term is much more accepted because while ALL fruits & vegetables are carbohydrates, people still do not make this association. This is perfect quarantine food for those who are really watching their weight as well as their nutrition and not wanting to eat high-fat high carb foods that are processed. The online ordering is fast easy and efficient your order gets delivered to you on time. This place is definitely on my redial and marked as my favourites for vegan food!

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