Get into a tropical state of mind at Cafe BEACH COCONUT Bowls in Bangkok!

by Fauzia

Bangkok, what a great city! It doesn’t matter where you go or which side soi you turn into, there will always be a place you can rest your weary self from all the hustle and bustle. As, I sauntered into the Cafe Beach Coconut Bowls, which is located conveniently off the ThongLor BTS station, I was ready for some nourishment. The perfect stop to rest and relax! The vibes of this place was so clean, crisp and so beachy! It had all the right ambiance and reminded me of sitting on a beach, having a nice cold smoothie bowl. Soooo .. if the beach is far away, the Beach Coconut Cafe is right around the corner here in Bangkok!

First came out this delicious beetroot fresh pressed drink. Extremely refreshing and light. If you are a fan of beetroot, this is the drink of choice, on the menu it is called Rock Pink! Cafe Beach Coconut Bowls is a Thailand franchise with other locations in Phuket and Koh Samui, so if you are there reading this blog, you know where to go for some tasty healthy food!

Living here in Thailand, I came across this wonderful Butterfly Pea flower, not realizing the health benefits is posses. Anytime I go anywhere, I order butterfly pea and in this case I definitely had to order a Blue Moon latte, which by the way went down too nice!

Beach Coconut Bowls is all plant-based super fresh ingredients and very very healthy not to mention extremely tasty.

Smoothie Bowl Golden Bowl

Smoothie Bowls Personalized for me -Fauzia … Indian Gooseberries-Mango-Banana-Vanilla Protein

I have invited a friend to join me on this journey and Leonard is actually the one who discovered this hidden gem in Thong Lo. We both decided to get this smoothie bowl and it was so truly feeling that we both couldn’t finish the one. If you were a smoothie bowl fanatic, this will be heaven for you.

I love the way they personalized my name with banana and the two hearts that really is an Instagrammable moment! I love the crunchy granola mix with a very coolish smoothie underneath it tasted almost like ice cream and of course all natural ingredients no added sugar. I wanted to flip the Z around as it was backwards but I left it, made it a little more interesting!

Avocado Toast

The bread slice, the beetroot cream cheese, the slivered almond slightly sweetened with the avocado was very delicious. This is a customer favourite I was told and I can most certainly see why.

Are smoothie bowls good for you or not?
Many of the same health benefits can be found in smoothie bowls as they do in regular smoothies. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate more whole foods into your daily diet, smoothies and smoothie bowls may be a good option. However, they’re only as healthy as the ingredients you choose to put in them.

Kawai Bowl

Kawai Bowl
Tofu – Avocado – Mango – Red Beans – Cherry Tomatoes – Japanese Cucumber – Seeds – Sunflowers Sprouts – Rice Base – Creamy Roasted Sesame Dressing

Carrots, pumpkin, avocado, tofu, mango, baby tomatoes, sprinkled with black sesame seeds and a huge portion of brown rice and some other hiddden protein delights, at the bottom of this savoury coconut bowl. This Kauwi Bowl, came with a very piquant sesame sauce to drizzle all over this bowl and add extra flavour.

Thank you Leonard for introducing me to such a lovely place, I will most definitely be back and let my friends know to to come here for a good healthy breakfast os even a quick smoothie on the run!

You can bring your whole family or group of friends here. All staff are friendly and professional and Fredericka is very knowledgeable!! To watch cool videos, subscribe to Follow Fauzia on YouTube – click here!

Thank you to Leonard for introducing me to this delightful breakfast cafe and Frederika for being super generous with our food! Cafe Beach Coconut Bowls is the winner for Thailand Prestige awards in 2021 – 2022. Bravo and well deserved!

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