Good home cooking at Sri Lankan & South Indian Cuisine!

by Fauzia

This tiny eatery used to be located in the JTC food court and to my knowledge, they have moved across the street next to the family mart tucked in a food court outside now. The banner you will see it is called Sri Lanka & South Indian food. They make curries, biyrani’s and all kinds of yummy delights. It is easy on your pocketbook too!

Let’s dig in….


Vada are these savoury donut-like appetizers that are eaten with coconut chutney or dipped in with sambar. This is definitely a south Indian dish as when I travelled to India I would love to pick up a few of these to munch on while shopping away at Chandini Chawok.

2 styles of coconut chutneys, a lentil patty, vada and a samosa.

Highly recommend the samosas here. These samosas are Super crispy and very tasty filling on the inside. This is the kind of samosas they serve in Pakistan they’re small bite-size almost but the pastry is what makes the Samosa good and the pastry was fantastic.

One of my favourite things to eat just with some Indian chai is the lentil patty dipped in spicy chutney the green one in particular as a snack in mid-afternoon. They are super inexpensive so when you’re ordering for delivery and if he doesn’t in there for later they freeze very well and can be eaten at a moment’s notice.

Spicy Cabbage, Chana, Green Beans, Daal, kachumbar and white rice with a chapati.

All of the dishes here served in a veggie Thali style if you come to the canteen to eat! This place is a huge favorite for all the people who come to eat from the Jewelry Trade Center and the jewelry industry in particular as they are all nearby.

Chicken & Rice Thali

This canteen serves halal food and is very tasty. The only thing that came out hot was the chapati, otherwise, the food was pretty coolish and I prefer to eat my food piping hot. They make fresh food daily, but my Thali came cold. Also, the yogurt sauce with onions was sweet and it normally isn’t sweet so mention that if you want to have it with plain yogurt. They have both non-veg and veg thali’s and of course other dishes such as lamb curry, or whatever the special is for the day. Make sure you let them know how you like to eat your food!

They deliver so for some good priced Indian and Sri Lankan food, please make sure you order through food panda!

If you cannot make it out, they do delivery so call them to place your order through Food Panda.

Wiht love and gratitude,


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