Huge Dim Sum Menu at ‘Ho’s Kitchen & Seafood’

by Fauzia

Finding this hidden gem is not as easy I thought it was. I took the BRT to Wat Dan station and then hopped on a motorbike to take me to Ho’s Kitchen and Seafood. Yes, place is nestled near Rama III and Narathiwas Rajanagarindra road. Once you find out you realize it is quite easy to get to.

Once, I entered the restaurant, I was greeted with such hospitality at Ho’s Kitchen and Seafood by Mr Ferrari, yes like the most incredible car!! With all the proper Covid rules in place, I was guided to a table with incredible view if the Chao Phraya River and Bang Krachao (the green lung of Bangkok).

Steam Dumplings

The first to arrive on the big round table was a glass of tasty Chrysthamum Juice. Thi juice is available all over Thailand, it is refreshing and quenching.

As we were waiting there Mr. Ferrari and I, I was checking out the entire restaurant it is definitely a restaurant you can bring an entire large family they have set menus for dinner and for lunch for large groups of 10 and more. They also have a private dining space where you can just bring your entire family and kids are definitely welcome here with a stunning view of the Chao Phraya river.

Crispy Spring Roll with Shrimp (left) Steamed Custard Bun (back middle) and Crispy Squares

My favorite out of all of these three was the crispy spring roll with the shrimp inside. The one on the left of this picture. It was super tasty especially if it’s dipped in chili oil or some other sauce, a little bit more sweet savory, it is the perfect dish for an appetizer. The succulent shrimp with the rice paper wrapped around, had the crunch and softness in each bite.

The steamed bun was soft, gushy and slightly on the sweet side, as it is filled with custard. I had one. The essence was very unique and somewhat simple.

The crispy patties, were very light and tasty, again not spicy at all.

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings with Abalone in a light gravy

This was a different dim sum item which I have never seen before. I was wondering what the topping was and turns out it was abalone. I have never had abalone before and the taste was bland. The gravy with it added some flavour, however I enjoyed the simplicity of the dumplings.

Shrimp Dumplings

These bad boys, I absolutely love! I love the texture and the shrimp stuffed inside. This dish is perfect for those who love the dips and sauces, this is the perfect place to come and have dim sum.

Steamed Fish and glass noodles

Here is another tasty number, these morsels all look so small and innocent and the next thing you know, you get so full on these tiny but very fulfilling portions.

The steamed fish wrapped in glass noodles are a delicious combo!! Highly recommend to try this one.

Shrimp Dumpling, Steamed fish in Glass Noodles and Steamed Pork Rib in Black Bean Sauce.

All of these …. must order super tasty. Those of you who have had dim sum and loved him some there are more items on the menu however we tried only a small amount because I just need to get an idea of the food taste and quality! Definitely a 5 star rating on the quality of food and service.

Shaved Ice with Cantaloupe Balls

This was my favourite end to a delicious dim sum lunch! I was offered to try another dessert which looks scarier then it is, It is a hot ginger soup with black sesame balls to eat (check the picture gallery below). This is a hot dessert, unlike the cantaloupe shaved ice!

I want to thank Mr Ferrari, and the staff for the excellent service provided during the lunch. We are definitely coming back for a set dinner for 10 next month!

With Love and Gratitude,


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