Ice Cream – we all scream for 3Bros Ice Cream!!

by Fauzia

3Bros Ice Cream is doing things right! All-natural ingredients with no artificial elements to make this wholesome ice-cream! Made fresh by local Thai brothers + a mom (moms are the best) started this online delivery ice-cream. I remember as a little girl, during the long lazy hazy days of the hot summer sun, hearing the ice-cream truck from afar. I’m sure you all have fond memories of the ice-cream truck. You would hear that jingle down the street and you know that that’s the ice cream truck coming up the road.

As a result, you would run to the ice cream truck with whatever little pennies you had in your pockets hoping that you could buy your favourite ice cream cone. Those are the lazy days of summer and beautiful childhood dreams. So what makes 3Bros so awesome? Read and find out then place an order – you will not be disappointed!

Only 3 flavors

The ice cream came in ice cooler bags with dry-ice packed inside so the ice cream would not melt and stay fresh and solid. The cones are made with a butyraceous crisp crunch! The 3 brothers were sick of eating processed over sugary ice-cream. So due to this reason, they noticed a gap in the good ice-cream market. They felt the market needed a marvellous, all legitimate ingredients and flavour-packed tasty ice-cream – well achieved 3Bros!! Bravo!!

Waffle Cone

The waffle cones are made also with natural fixings, the cones are buttery and crunchy! Also, this is the best of both worlds! Right now as we speak it is the hot season as a result digging into any of these three flavours would be quenching. First of all, the quality of ice-cream is superb. Secondly, the portions are healthy!

My favourite is the Passion Fruit that is because I am addicted to eating fresh passion fruit daily!! I could add a dollop of real passion fruit to this scoop besides, it is delicious as it is! Passion fruit scoop of ice cream was more like a sorbet and it was so refreshing!!

Passion Fruit, Banana and Vanilla

3Bros ice-cream is an online delivery service. They are also practicing safe and social distancing measures as they do pop up in and around Bangkok during more normal circumstances. Most noteworthy part of the delivery is that the cones and a delicate wait for us they come with come in one piece and not smashed into bits.

If you want to eat a cone and do not have an ice cream scoop you can also ask them to scoop it for you and put it into a separate container.

So if you are craving some real good homemade ice-cream all natural ingredients, make sure you look them up and order some extra for your freezer! 

With Love and Gratitude


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