In a busy downtown nook, you will find Sook Sathorn!

by Fauzia

Behind the standard chartered building on Naritiwas Rd and Sathorn Rd meet, there is an unassuming dining hall called Glowfish and in there you will find this gem of an eatery! Sook Sathorn, is truly a hidden Vegetarian / Vegan gem of a place, where you will find crispy pork and rice and mushroom tom tum soup just to name a few delectable dishes. A much smaller version is also located in EmQuartier food hall as well! The one I went to is the one in Sathorn.

while sitting in the dining hall you can overlook this beautiful view

While sitting in the dining hall eating lunch, you can overlook this beautiful view while waiting to eat. You can also bring your laptop and work in this large, clean peaceful space full of all amenities. I had no idea this place existed until I got lost one day trying to find a money exchange place. I was really impressed with the cleanliness and the open bright workplace.

Fresh Vegan Salad Rolls and the most tasty dipping sauce!

Before I arrived here at Sook Sathorn, I was speaking to the owner, Nat and she ordered the food for me and without knowing what I would like, she picked the perfect mix of delicious dishes! The 3 different juices they sell are, Roselle, Longan, and Chrysanthemum Tea.

Starting with the these Salad rolls with crispy tofu inside, there was a familiarity with these fresh rolls. The crispy fried tofu gave these rolls that added crispy crunch and the carefully mixed dip was divine! That dip was truly scrumptious and hit the spice note on the perfect level. A beautiful medley of mayo, basil, that small green chili this dip packed a punch.

Sausage Fried Rice & Mushroom Tom Yum Soup
ไปกินข้าวกันเถอะ Pị kin k̄ĥāw kạn t̄hexa so here we go... let's dig in!   I absolutely loved the sausage and rice with the large beans tossed in the rice.  The rice has a bit of a smokey flavor because of the sausage (vegan) of course and the mix of flavors on the tastebuds were just superb. I absolutely love the different textures in food, crunchy, soft and gooey, melty and well of course tasty!  I can see why Vegan food is so healthy and nutritious!  
 The flavor packed tom yum soup was also a great portion and loaded with mushrooms.  I am so glad she didn't restrict the spice level for me as it is a 1 UP on spice for me as always! 
Papaya Salad, Green Beans and Chunky Peanuts

Chunky salted peanuts, grated carrots and of course green papaya, this Somtam was not as sweet as others normally make it which is a good thing. The salad was lightly spiced and crunchy! I had a bit of it the next day and it was not soggy or droopy! A huge benefit for those who want to get delivery to take out!

Crispy Pork with Rice

My favourite so far, this crispy pork with rice was so so good! The crispy pork was delicately prepared and cooked just like the real thing. It really felt like I was eating crispy pork but almost better than the real thing. The minced peppers added that Thai jeunesse sais quoi which definitely needs to be tasted and experienced. The perfect amount for such a great price. I wouldn’t be surprised if you ordered one to eat right there and one to go! I am doing the same!

Chilli Chicken and Sticky Rice

Now, this was super interesting, tastefully refreshing to the other dishes. This was like the minced pork or chicken they served with purple onions, fresh basil, and some crunchy bits inside wiht sticky rice is a definite must-try!! However, quite honestly, I am at a loss on how to describe the flavours in this amazing concoction!

I loved the food at Sook Sathorn because it doesn’t contain sugar unless the recipe requires it. I am always hesitant o eat the food at certain places as the first thing I always ask is to remove the sugar or in the as I say ไม่มีน้ำตาล Mị̀mī n̂ảtāl – no sugar, please.

The also have a FREE … yes FREE bottle of water to give with your meals. Make sure you call them to place your order, visit them during office hours they are open til 8pm daily. They are also available on all the delivery services around Bangkok and area.

Thank you to Nat and the staff members who made these delicious meals possible! Check out this place, you won’t regret it!

With Love and Gratitude,



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