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by Fauzia

You ever sit at home on a day where you really feel like having a crips glass of white wine with your meal? Ahhh…. a nice glass of Cab Sav or Pinot Grigio?

It is a blistering hot day in BKK and all you can think of is a nice chilled Gina and Tonic! You go home and find you have the tonic but no gin?? Like WHA?????

Or you are heading to a friends home and you are wondering what to take as a gift for them? You’re rushing around all over the streets of Bangkok and of course when you want to run into a wine store you can’t find one?

Time is ticking and you’re like what the heck where do I go to find some good bottles of wine definitely not 7-11!!

You can smell the barbeque and that red meat grilling on it knowing that a nice glass of red would complement the barbeque so perfectly fine.

What do you do then? You can place an order here and have it delivered to the address you are heading to, to make sure it arrives there for that delicious planned dinner!

Delivery anywhere in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and beyond!

Go on FB Follow Fauzia and place an order (coming soon here you will be able to place an order) but in the meantime, you can message me on Whats app at +66 0947479209 or LINE app for delivery! Check the List on Follow Fauzia Facebook page to see the selection!

You can also message my partner Sha at +66 0933275896 for faster response.

With Love and Gratitude


This months current promotion : Mention code VF821 or that you saw this on Follow Fauzia to get more specials or contact us on the numbers above!

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