Khanom over here for the lunch buffet at Mango tree in Surawong!

by Fauzia

Today was one of those days where I didn’t know what part of Bangkok to explore for my morning or late afternoon walk. Usually I’m pretty good at finding a neighbourhood or area and then I head on there usually by walking, however today I decided to my take my bike out for a spin. After six months sitting in hiatus, tucked away in my studio room, I said I need this baby to take me someplace special today. I decided to head to Lumpini park as bikers timing is from 9-3pm. So on the way there … I got sidetracked. What a nice detour.

Mango Tree Buffet

I went through a market bought a few goods for my home, then when I left, I headed to Lumpini. I thought I knew where I was going, hence, I circled the block twice. I kept passing the Mango Tree. I thought I’m feeling kind of hungry, sine I didn’t have breakfast when I left my condo this morning. I thought why not try out this very bright, clean, splashed with orange bursts patio which looked very inviting, called The Mango Tree.

I quickly found a place to park my bike and I meandered in. I wanted to sit outside because it was such a beautiful setting and of course the buffet. was outside. I was very interested in the type of buffet as I’ve never been to something like this before. A very helpful and sweet server came to me to explained this was an unlimited buffet. I right away I got my video camera and took a video (you can watch on follow Fauzia channel –


Now this is a breakfast/lunch! Well deserved as I am going to burn my calories after slowly savouring this khanom buffet! I walked around and took a look at all of the curries from different parts of Thailand. If you see a bunch of purple noodles in this picture it’s because the different fermented rice noodles come in different colours – Purple: love, Orange: strength, Green: heart, and White: Purity! My first try I took the purple: love! I also then on my second helping, I tried the other flors thinking mentally Ia m infusing the love, strength and power into my system! Woohoo ….I am in! 6 different curries are offered for your tasting with all this freshness.

I delved into this treasured lunch and it as so nice to slowly savour the different curries tastes. Some of the curries were very hearty while others were very light and refreshing.

Peanut curry

′′ Khanom chin to supplement your fortune ′′ ☯️ Year 2021 at Mango Tree. Khanom chin buffet. Auspicious color. Auspicious pair of vegetable from the garden. Unlimited price for a friendly price of 99. <— from their FB page!

This hearty curry was made with crushed peanuts, a big lime and a deep fried dried chilli which was unusual combination. Moreover, it tasted like a more liquid form of peanut butter with lime, chilli in it and was quite sweet. It was a good compliment to all the spiciness. Anyone allergic to peanuts definitely stay away from this one.

Green curry with chicken

Who doesn’t love a bowl of spicy green curry chicken? The flavours of the screen curry was spot on. I’ve never really had a brunch like this and it was very pleasing to al your senses, especially with all the colour of the rainbow! I love food that has colour just makes me feel that it’s giving me the proper nutrition I need for my body. I love the terracotta pots they ar served in and the bowls. Feels very earthy and organic which I love.

Chicken Feet

So I was speaking to the servers and they were saying that chicken feet are quite delicious part of the chicken to try. Somehow I couldn’t get past the look of the boiled skin on the feet. All I could think about was toenails. Sorry I know many many people in Southeast Asia love chicken feet and eat it quite often. I had to take a picture because I just couldn’t dive into that. Maybe one day, but not today.

Mango Pudding

OH GOSH – one must go for a mani pedi now!! LOL .. Anyway this light tasting Mango pudding was the ideal end to this wonderful lunch.

Most definitely, try out their lunch buffet, it was all fresh and tasty and won’t blow your bank account. I am so glad I ran into this place while going on my bike ride. This is the perfect way to see Bangkok and run into places you have never been before so yes, very grateful. Fully satisfied, I then proceeded to start my bike ride towards Lumpini to seize the day!

With Love and gratitude,



P.S: my bike I hadn’t take it out for several months, and when I did decide to take it out, the tires were flat and the chain was off so these awesome people helping with fixing it so I can go my bike ride!

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