Friends are just strangers that haven’t met yet is the vibe at ‘Le Café Des Stagiaires’

by Fauzia

Le Café des Stagiaires, just down the street where I go for my daily walks. I have always loved the vibe here, it is a very cute, convenient and stylish café. I quite often go here for evening tapas and listening to great music, Le café des Stagiaires has a wonderful ambience where it makes you want to sit all night on the patio and imbibe! This place has wonderful live music on the weekends so make sure you check them out.

Excellent imported beers they have from Belgium you can definitely try it here at Le Café des Stagiaires, it is called La Chouffe. LA CHOUFFE leaves citrus notes on the palate, followed by a refreshing, pleasantly spicy note, giving it a lovely lightness. With its 8% alcohol content and slightly hoppy taste, this golden beer has won over beer lovers from all over the world down the years. Its unique taste has won various awards. This is just to start with knowing the quality choices you will find here for both drink and food.

Starter Dips

If you are curious, the bar takes its name from a French phrase referring to a place where interns go to drink – it’s the perfect place to unwind, though, whether you’re an intern or not! So for one of the many starters, we ordered the black olive tapenade something that I really enjoy having as an appetizer with some Cristini bread. It was exactly what I expected as a good starter for what’s yet to come.

This Mediterranean dip at Le Café des Stagiaires, was light and with the lemon squeeze was the perfect spread over a little piece of French baguette. Decide starters are a perfect portions to share with friends after work during happy hour.

Ham and Cheese Crouquettes

These little troopers went down so nice with soda water. I love the edible flowers on the ham and cheese croquettes, they were the perfect bite-size portion. They came to your table sizzling hot and of course, I love them dipped in some hot sauce. It was nice to have smaller portions of the appetizers. This is a good way to try everything and not feel so full when the main entrée arrives.

Spicy Meatballs

Whenever I go to a restaurant and I see something that spicy, I definitely order it. These spicy meatballs were served up perfectly with the dipping sauce. The dip was very savory and complimented the taste of the meatballs. It’s definitely enough for people to share and taste the delicate balance of the meat and the spices each meatball was perfectly round. Bravo to the chef!!

Belgium Fries

These are Belgium Fries, although, I’ve had better fries these were a bit soggy for my taste as we were hoping for the Belgium cheese fries. However, we ended up just getting a plain fries to dip in ketchup and hot sauce. Thank goodness there were three of us to try all this wonderful delicious tasty food.

Truffle Croque Madame

One of my favorite sandwiches I think in Bangkok is here at Le Café des Stagiaires! This sandwich comes with fried bread loads of brie cheese, Parma ham, and of course inside was truffle heaven. It comes with a perfectly seasoned side salad which you can eat alongside this delicious scrumptious sandwich.

Chickpea & Avocado Salad

This chickpea & avocado salad was very simple tasty with barely any dressing on it. Again this is a great pick for someone who is vegetarian and not vegan because of the feta cheese. The blend of the ingredients made for a tasty salad.

Crying Tiger Beef

Yes, I don’t know much about this dish, Crying Tiger Beef, however, it is quite a widely recognized dish very famous however not served too much in Thailand. It’s a sirloin cut of beef medium and marinated in a nam jim jaew sauce. However, this dish was not marinated in nam jim jaew sauce, but the condiment was actually on the side along with mustard and mayo. This main entree comes with Belgian fries and a side salad. The beef sirloin was very tender and very well done I mean it was rare but done in a very good way.

Flammenkueche Pizza

Flammenkueche Pizza is what … a who? LOL, that is what I exactly thought, a mouthful! This is actually a cream mozzarella, onion and bacon pizza and let me tell you, whoa!! Nothing tasted quite like this pizza and it was very different but thoroughly enjoyable, sprinkled with red chilli dust. The pepperoni was very heavy on toppings, you couldn’t actually see the crust or sauce underneath! I found this to be quite rare of pizzas in Bangkok. This, very thin-crusted pizza was anything but ordinary. I want to experiment and not have the usual pizza so there you go.

Chocolate fondant

Chocolate fondant inside delicious warm using chocolate waiting to be devoured. I had no room left after I overloaded my system with carbs. However, who can resist chocolate and whipped cream? This chocolate fondant delicately sprinkled with icing sugar didn’t take too long to polish this off amongst the three of us. I love the edible floral decorations on the fondant. 

Le Café des Stagiaires is definitely keeping your health and safety at a high standard. They no longer serve you menus to peruse, it’s a QR code system which you can scan and it comes directly on your phone. How cool is that!! So if you’re sitting there thinking these guys are not coming with your menu take a look at the table because each table has a little stand and on one side is the dinner menu and the other side is a drinks menu. 

Thank you to Alexander and the staff that made all of this amazing food possible for us to taste I highly recommend Le Café des Stagiaires. They are typically open till midnight and have great happy hour deals. Anyone looking for a great ambience to just sit outside this is a place for you. Le Café des Stagiaires, diners are guaranteed a hearty warm welcome and a good, satisfying meal.

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