Living La Vida Loca at El Heffe Taqueria in Bangkok

by Fauzia

Trying to find this restaurant in Sukhumvit Soi 34, is as easy as finding a Thai Street kitchen! Hahah ….this new Mexican bar and restaurant boasts a huge welcoming Yellow door and Mexican tiles as you enter this establishment. So brand new, they are still making adjustments on the decor, but the food is what you will remember this place for. El Heffe in Spanish mean “the Boss’ and rightfully so…the name suits the place perfectly. Coming here to eat, made me feel very nostalgic as I reminisced about my many jaunts to Mexico while living in Canada to escape the harsh winters.

Margartia in terraotta cups (non-alcoholic) due to COVID-19

Oh boy … did these little terra-cotta cups remind me of my multiple trips to Mexico all inclusive resorts all over the Baja Peninsula. Theses margarita’s packed a huge punch and very tasty! Lick the salt and have a sip!

Every time there was a great deal from where I used to live in Canada my kids and I would takeoff on at all inclusive vacation for either Christmas or spring break. Ahhhh… take me away to Mexico! El Heffe captured the essence of Mexico beautifully in all of the dishes we tried! If you are missing Mexican food, come here!

Gordita with amazing spicy sauce & fresh green chilli

When this gordita came out I didn’t know how to sink my teeth into this delectable divine concoction. El Heffe’s presentation of all the tacos was superb almost too good of an art form to eat, furthermore the portions are generous. How to describe this delicious crunchy mess filled with soft beef, crunchy radishes, layers of cheese, tomato sour cream and great Mexican spices. The tortilla fried to perfection with slow cooked beef overloaded with all the right toppings.

Birria Taco

Birria is a Mexican dish from the state of Jalisco. Birria dish is a meat stew traditionally made from goat meat, but occasionally made from beef or mutton. El Heffe’s chef, Louis, was the master at creating the right flavours in Bangkok. The dish is often served at celebratory occasions, such as weddings and baptisms, and holidays, such as Christmas and Easter. Here at El Heffe you an have this dish daily if you wish!

4 Tacos special – fish, hibiscus and vegan Tacos

The Fish tacos were superb. The fish is lightly coated and fried. The fish was moistene tasty. The taco that really danced on my tongue was that hibiscus taco. It was paired with the perfect chutney that was so mouthwatering. The dark purple chutney was made with hibiscus flower and could also be used to enhance extra sweet flavour on some of the other more spicy tacos. Taking a bite of the hibiscus taco and dipping it into that chutney was divine. #elheffebkk

Birria Raman

Being in Southeast Asia you see many many Ramen restaurants all over Bangkok and beyond. Ramen of course is a Japanese dish may have made noodles and the most delicious broth which is it signature. I love the creativity of El Heffe because they used Mexican spices, threw in some Ramen noodles and created this incredible Birria Ramen soup. Another MUST try dish!

Birria Pizza

Last but not least, our appetites were satiated, however we said let’s try the birria pizza. I need to do this for my curiosity because I never had pizza like this. We sink into the birria pizza like a bath. It was marvellous! It looks like a large quesadilla however nothing like it. The consomm√© could literally have been drank on its own because of the flavours and the slow cooking of the broth was so heavenly. Dipping the slices of pizza in the consomm√© was such a different idea and I enjoyed every single minute of it.

I highly highly recommend this place I’ve been to many Mexican places in Bangkok and this one was so authentic and different that it blew my taste buds right out of my mouth. They have over 20 different types of tacos and now working on adding 10 more to their already extensive tasty menu.

The owner is usually there and he is such a delight to speak to you while you’re eating. You can definitely tell he’s very passionate about this venture. El Heffe BKK opened during Covid. It is full every single night so make sure you make reservations. It’s cozy, very comfortable place to go and sit with your friends to have some of the most amazing Mexican food in Bangkok. They also deliver which is a huge plus because there’s gonna be times where you’re craving that food and you’re gonna want to have it delivered.

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P.S: make sure you try the Rose Tequila (delicious)

Rose Tequila


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