Move over for Tacos No40 as the New Mexican in town!

by Fauzia

I just happen to run across this place on Facebook a place called Tacos no.40, soooo I was quite intrigued. I immediately wanted to find out where they were located and much to my happy surprise, it was in Silom!

One of my most favourite cuisine’s is Mexican! I absolutely love Mexican food but not just any Mexican food GREAT Mexican food!! I love the fresh cut tomatoes in a nice hearty salsa! I love guacamole and freshly made nacho chips! I just love making mango salsa at home too!

So I contacted Tacos no.40, which is located in Silom part of Bangkok, but don’t let that stop you! They deliver all over Bangkok and beyond. I had such a great pleasure in meeting Dug and her hubby while I was there tasting all this deliciousness!

Strip Sirloin Quesadilla

Strip Sirloin Quesadilla’s with Habanero and Chipotle sauces.

I really enjoyed the portion and what was inside this amazing tasty cheesy quesadilla. This is not Tex-Mex cuisine this is Mexican style cuisine. Big huge chunks of strip sirloin smothered in this amazing mozzarella mix of cheeses, I dipped it in the homemade habanero sauce that is made right here at Tacos no.40. If you want to add some great space to your order this is definitely the sauce for you.

TAcos No.40

I arrived a little bit early because I was unsure where this place was located. I walked from my home in Sathorn to Tacos No.40 and it took me approx 35 mins. When I found this cute little lace, I realized it is neatly tucked in and away from the hustle and bustle of Charoenkrung Road, between Soi 38 & 40.

Very easy to find as it is right across the street from the Gems Tower. You might wanna bring your own beer as they do allow you to bring your own alcohol. The reason they don’t sell it is because they are near a school they are not allowed to sell alcohol, but one can definitely drink it there! They do have other drinks such as soda pop and water.

Burrito Bowl

This burrito bowl was chock-full of fresh ingredients such as rice as a started under topped with guacamole, refried beans, fresh salsa and of course sautéed mushrooms (Hongo)! I felt like I was sitting outside a little taqueria in a small sleepy town Mexico!

Growing up in the harsh winters of Canada, a close, popular and sunny destination to go to is Mexico. So, I would take off with my kids for Xmas and spring break holidays to all the wonderful all inclusive destinations! My kids and I would throughly enjoy the resorts and all the great food they would create. Mexican food is super healthy for the most part as it embodies many fresh natural ingredients!

Chicken Tostada

Chicken/Beef/Pork/Shrimp/Mushrooms Tostada

I have not had a tostada in sooooo long! I love the crunch of the tostada and all the freshest ingredients carefully placed on top make this a messy eat but oh sooooo good! I carefully placed the habaneros sauce on top making sure my lips wouldn’t burn from touching the sauce so this was a tricky little tostada!! Packed with goodness, this was one of my favs!

I managed to maneuver my way delicately around it and let me tell you – it was worth the battle! haha – it was so filling too!!

Shrimp Tacos

Shrimp Taco

This shrimp taco was the perfect size portion, I think you could probably pack down three of them and you’ll be full! However with that being said, the choices are plenty and most certainly can double up on the tacos as they are too good to pass up!

The shrimp were seasoned nicely and all of the condiments put on top were so good! The crunchy radishes, cilantro, crumbled cheese and don’t forget to squeeze the lime on top!

Thank you to the two ladies that made these delicious dishes. I was in good company with Dug and her husband sharing stories of Covid lockdown and of course, discussing the new little place they decided to open! I am so glad they did as it is super close to me and I love to walk around in Bangkok discovering little eateries in little tucked away soi’s!

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