Olive My Heart, A Foodie’s Paradise!

by fauzia

Well it was a long ride from where I was coming from, to go to Olive Bangkok. All the way to Ekkamai 12 is where this gorgeous little house tucked away with a beautiful courtyard is located!. Just right off the main road once you turn it’s like the first house on your right of course depending on where you’re coming from. a beautiful little courtyard and you walking and you’re walking to a gorgeous decorated bright decor home.

When I got to Olive Bangkok, I was greeted by a really nice staff member allowed me to choose the table of where I would like to sit. Because I came early the restaurant was fairly empty, but by the time I left, it was quite full. The table was perfectly and the dress that I was wearing nicely match the decor very colorful.!

I was very curious to try the halloumi pizza and the Arabic pizza. first of all just to let you know I love halloumi cheese in which way I can have it. It is so delicious it’s salty, but it has that crumbly texture which makes it so nice to eat. The Arabic pizza had Lamb kofta filling with a drizzle of spicy yoghurt with mint. Definitely recommend this. I won’t say much about the halloumi cheese pizza because that is self-explanatory. Halloumi is a white, layered cheese,¬†similar to mozzarella. It is a semihard, unripened, and brined cheese with a slightly spongy texture. Its flavor is tangy and salty, and it has no rind.

Now, off to a good start and to get to the actual meal itself as I love pizzas I had to try those first. However, my eyes immediately diverted to the pizzas.

Furthermore, while I was waiting for my friend to arrive at Olive Bangkok, so we can do lunch together, I started to nibble on the pita chips, the Greek pita and of course the loaded sesame pretzels with the four dips. I was dying to again. I was waiting for my friend Laura to get there as she makes amazing Greek food as well.

It was so hard not to fill up by eating the pita chips along with the soft chewy Greek pita, however I dove into the pretzels first. They were my starter to dip in the dips! LOL They were so good..

The four dip mix of dips well actually there were 3, and one was the Kalamata olives which were the perfect mix for the entire meal. The dips actually come with the meat platter, which is featured below, in the photos gallery, and you can use them for other dishes as well. In the meantime, I will come back to the dips but right now we’ll talk about the delicious beetroot salad.

The perfectly marinated beetroot were soft but yet firm, sweet but yet salty. Plus, it paired really well with the rocket leaves, crumbled feta and of course who can miss the pine nuts! The salad alone is be the perfect portion along with your meal, especially if you are sharing the meat platter. Well done Olive Bangkok

I was very intrigued about the potato salad. Consequently, it’s very different. Definitely not the traditional or the typical potato salad that you would normally see at a picnic. This lemon dill potato salad with greek yoghurt was super unique. First of all, this salad contained ingredients that were so simple and it wasn’t even over seasoned. Yet, the flavours all mixed really well. I can understand why this is one of the most popular dishes at Olive Bangkok.

The meat platter is definitely good for sharing with at least 2 people and there will be possibly leftovers depending on how hungry you are. the meat platter had delicious, crunchy onions, sliced tomatoes, and lot of chicken souvlaki, lamb gyros, organic sausage with bread, which is in the basket, filo puffs and bifteki. SO amazing! All of it so delicious and yummy dipped in the sauces.

Now, where was I …….. oh yeah back to the delicious food!

OMG .. OMG .. OMG .. YOU MUST try this dessert! Uniquely , just a must even if you have dessert first! This Greek yoghurt is made in house has a bit of us sour tangy taste, but with the drizzled honey and the candied nuts this dessert is something spectacular. we also ended up having the baklava and they were served in cute little separate pieces. we definitely couldn’t eat them all because we really enjoyed the different Greek yoghurt dessert. However, it didn’t stop us from taking the baklava home.

I just want to quickly speak about the interior decoration of this cute little house. The owners partner was Greek they decided to open up a Greek restaurant lo and behold 22 years later they are still around and definitely. You can understand why. however now the owner is on her own as her Greek partner has gone back to Greece and they still remain the best of friends. So looking at all the trinkets and decorations in the restaurant are all authentic from the islands in Greece.

I would like to express my gratitude to the owner for sharing her story and also for the staff for preparing such a wonderful meal for my friend and I! You can find Olive on all the delivery apps, so make sure you click right here to get some special deals: https://bit.ly/3PNtvmJ

With Love and Gratitude,


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