Salads make me Happy @ Salad Factory!

by Fauzia

Delivery: Salad’s make me happy @ Salad Factory!

I discovered this wonderful place called the Salad Factory. One of my dear friends introduced me to this amazing place and as a matter of fact, she goes here quite often. The location that I visited was next to IconSiam with her. We couldn’t decide what to eat, as there were so many fun dishes on the menu so nevertheless, we had the difficult task of choosing. I know I definitely overate that evening!

Being in one of the eat-in locations of the Salad Factory, it was an open fresh, clean and green environment with great customer service. Due to COVID-19, I got the delivery option. I would definitely get delivery again. Furthermore, it came nicely packed it was as if you were sitting at the restaurant and eating. Apparently you’re supposed to eat it with the beef salad, in the same way as I added the almonds on the second salad but now I know better. I had it as a snack with my green tea instead and I loved it like that too! 

Chili Lime Leaves

My tastebud will never be the same after discovering a new very different type of appetizer while living in Thailand. They are intense, crispy, flavour-full deep-fried lime leaves. These fried mushrooms and dried red chillis are a great snack item to order before dinner. Not to mention, while you’re having your beer, cocktail or wine, these crispy little numbers are pleasing to the palette. 

Beef Salad

The beef and mushrooms came stir-fried wrapped up individually so that the lettuce and the rest of the salad don’t get soggy in the meantime. Mmmmm …. the Sweet Thai basil homemade dressing was an ideal pairing for this scrumptious salad. Lots of fresh lettuce, onions, shredded carrots, cucumber, and fresh baby tomatoes.

Beef Lasagna

Ohhhhhh…. soooooo …. cheesy and somewhat crispy, the lasagna was not as thick as the other Italian lasagnas are, however, the quality, freshness, and taste was definitely not amiss! It was a good person in terms of size and lots of great cheese, who wouldn’t want gobs of cheese in the lasagna!

Tempura Prawns with Salad

All of the salads at the Salad Factory are absolutely humongous. Portion size I would say it’s definitely extra large XXX large. This salad and the beef salad could definitely be eaten by two people. This salad contained fresh corn, raw onions, tons of lettuce, green bell pepper, baby tomatoes, fresh crispy cucumbers. Furthermore, the creamy yellow dressing was refreshing and the sliced almonds were the perfect touch for this salad. Calling all vegetarian and vegans!! Well not if you want jumbo tempura prawns that came with this delicious corn salad. Of course, as the vegans would prefer without the prawns. 

Seafood Pasta

I was so thrilled to try the Seafood Pasta that was brought to my door. The container was so packed full of seafood which was more than the actual pasta and the smell buds were overjoyed! There were huge prawns, chunks of fish, mussels, squid and octopus in a spicy hardly noticeable sauce, just the way I love it. Long thin slices of red Thai chilli complimented the pasta and the fish chunks! How did they know I love my pasta super spicy!!

Tempura Prawns

The tempura prawns that are in the photo gallery below were exceptional as well. Sometimes when you order tempura anything the temporary usually they come very soggy because of the steam so it doesn’t have that nice crunch when you bite into it, comparatively, this was upstream all the way.

I cannot stop BOASTING about the Salad Factory simply because it’s not what you think the name is. It is chock-full of nutrition, goodness, quality, freshness and taste! I am so glad that my female friend took me here and we shared a nice dinner and chat! Hopefully someday soon, in the near future will definitely be back at this place to try other things on the menu.

They also pack up up fresh delicious food in containers, and sell in various locations around Bangkok. Sure you check out their website and any special they’re offering during this COVID-19 time.

Thank you to Salad Factory, the staff and the delivery team for sending the items to my doorstep, wishing you all to be safe and healthy!! 

With Love and Gratitude,


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