Take more than ‘One for the Road’!

by Fauzia

Well it was a Thursday Girls night out and off we go to Soi 11! What an amazing way I met the owner of this new bar on Sukumvit Soi 11, called One for the Road. After a night on the town with my girlfriends, we ended up at this bar and I happen to speak to the owner, Karan. We had quite a interesting chat about Bangkok and Canada, as we shared our similarities about living in both countries.

One conversation led to another and the next thing you know here I am doing a review of this new well positioned, great ambience, a little bar tucked away on an extremely busy party street.

One for the Road .. Patio – Happy Hour Specials taste great here!

So one would assume being on this famous party street in Bangkok, that this little bar would just have the usual typical bar snacks (which they do and they are so damn delicious), but let me tell you something! You, yes you and all your friends, definitely want to come and have dinner here before you start your party. I started off with a signature cocktail called Ruby Red Martini (named after the Lovely Ruby, owner’s wife) and it was the ideal start to my upcoming dinner. (pictured in the gallery pictures below).

Fresh Salmon served with Thai Zaap Sauce with Salad

This artistic masterpiece looks too good to eat! It’s a wonderful combination of salmon in little rolls, a slice of Thai chilli, one slim sliver of garlic on basil leaves that you can pop into your mouth and savour the blend of flavours that rock your tastebuds! It is spicy for those who do not want can easily take off the slice of Thai chilli. This salmon roll is dipped in this tasty zaap sauce and with no complications, it is devoured.

Fried seabass with apples in a spicy sauce

The next dish that graced my table, was just delightful to stare at! I couldn’t figure out whether I should eat it or just look at it because it looks so good and I can tell you with 100% authenticity that it was delicious. This fried Seabass came on top of a medley of apples, some oranges and purple shallots. I was like seriously? What a combination of amazing flavours and presentation. This delicious Thai chilli sauce was to be drizzled on top of the fried Seabass, and eaten with the fresh fruit underneath was truly exquisite.

Pan fried seabass steak served in lobster, clam and tomato salsa

This by far was my favourite of all of the dishes although it was really hard to choose because all of them (wait til you see the next one), were superb. One for the Road, you definitely outdid yourself on this dish! First in for most the sauce, ohhhh the sauce!! I took a small bite of the Seabass without the sauce to try the flavours and they were outstanding. Once the sauce was added the essence changed to a deliciously creamy and finger lickable feeling. The hidden soft pillowy potatoes under the sea bass were pleasantly rich and fulfilling. I love the fresh edible flowers sprinkled wiht precision all over the food for a beautiful presentation, especially the purple butterfly pea flower.

Spaghetti Kee Mao served with King Prawn, dried chilli and peppers

Am I to have some of this ambrosial pasta, too, One for the Road? I literally had no more room for this heavenly spaghetti, however, ones gotta go what ones gotta do! The prawns and the spice level were scrumptious. The spaghetti al dente and all of the vegetables had the crunchiness and we’re cooked to impeccability. One could definitely taste all the different ingredients that were matched up to finishing this dish with ease. If you cannot finish, you definitely want to take One for the Road (no pun intended) LOL

Dessert: Pavlova cashew nut served with passion fruit sauce and homemade ice cream

I have never had such a dessert! WOW…. what a true medley of color, sweetness and art. The Homemade Vanilla ice-cream was truly complementary to this Pavlova. This Pavlova is made with meringue, ground cashews and fresh passionfruit. The tartness of the passion fruit really cut the sweetness of the other items which gave a divine balance to the palate.

This place is not just a bar its a place to come with your dates and dine here! AMAZING! The kitchen at One for the Road is partnered with another restaurant called Oriental Infusion. They are the true creative geniuses behind this fabulous food.

Thank you Karan and Ruby for such a special evening. It was truly nice to visit you both and get a first-hand step by step of the wonderful dishes prepared by Oriental Infusion. Good choice for One for the Road! Next time you have to join me in devouring this delicious food! Truly enjoyed the food, the ambiance and company!

With love and gratitude,


Website: www.onefortheroadbangkok.com

** all photo credits: Follow Fauzia **

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