Vegetarian cuisine only @ ‘Royal Thai Cusine’ for delivery!

by Fauzia

I ran into this little gem through a friend who said you need to try to take away only homemade vegetarian cuisine. Of course I’m always up to trying some good food and vegetarian any day I love to have my veggies!

Spicy Tofu and Noodles

Royal Thai cuisine is not a restaurant but just delivery only place to get vegetarian/vegan food!

Eeney…. meany… miney … MO… which one should I devour first? I wish my son was here with me as he is a vegan and he would have loved this course of dishes prepared by Meghna. It all looked so good, the air was filled with the aroma of hot Thai food!

The herb garlic fried rice, the minced tofu with the mix of flavours was subtle and nice. This was not very spicy and the best part of it was NO SUGAR! I really dislike the use of sugar in most thai foods and I was super happy when I noticed no hints of sweetness in the prepared dishes. I added Thai green chillis to the rice for a bigger punch and who it sure hit the spot.

Larb Tofu

When I started this dish I really enjoyed the texture and I didn’t really actually know what it was but I knew it was just simulated meat. The way it was prepared, it tasted just like the spicy basil minced pork they sell in street food and other restaurants. I quite liked this knowing it is vegetarian, you really don’t feel the difference, in the texture! The spice level was great too!

Vegetarian Tom Kha

I warmed this soup in a pot and ate it piping hot! This soup has all the yummy flavours of tom Kha and the veggies still had the crunch! I waited a day after delivery to consume this soup and I was surprised the freshness after a day! It felt like the spices seeped into the veggies overnight to give it a more “settled” taste! A calming, loaded with crunchy veggies and can also add sticky or steamed rice to eat this flavorful soup!

Corn Salad with fresh Chillis and Roasted Peanuts

This corn salad with the roasted peanuts and the spicy Thai chillies made the perfect lunch salad. The corn salad I usually have is mixed with other fruits, such as dragon fruit, guava, shredded carrots, lime squeezed and apples. No SUGAR in this and I’m now super sold to ordering more from Royal Thai Cusine. The roasted peanuts are a good addition to crunch with the corn! It all works!

Phak Chuchee

I am wondering what this dish is called and it is a simulated fish curry dish. I couldn’t figure out this dish but the water spinach is a popular ingredient in this dish. The cilantro adds a nice herbal flair to this dish. The red thai chillies added to this dish was pleasantly mild. I find the green thai chillies to be super hot and spicy!

One of the many good things about Royal Thai cuisine is that they cater to large parties that want to have predominately vegetarian food. Thank you to my friend who introduced me to this to find wonderful vegetarian cuisine and to all those who didn’t know about this place, now you do!

You can find them on FB and they are all connected to the home delivery food apps, you can find them under Royal Thai Cuisine. A big HEARTY thanks to Royal Thai Cuisine who made this food!!

With Love and Gratitude,


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