Bangtao Bliss: Catching Waves of Relaxation at Catch Beach Club in Phuket

by fauzia

I think I was dreaming when I walked into the Catch Beach Club in Phuket last week! I needed to sit down, inhale a deep breath of ocean air, and truly absorb the most stunning beach vibes I have ever seen and felt. Spending 3 weeks on my Xmas vacation in Phuket, and I was so happy to have come across this amazing place located on Bangtao Beach. The white sand, the playful atmosphere and the chill music was like I was on a movie set – all too perfect!

Once we entered the main doors at Catch Beach Club, the party vibe hit me like a giant wave! I wish I could have come here earlier in the day to really soak the entire experience! Anyway, I am happy my friend Jill told me about this place and said Sunday are the perfect day to come and chill here, and guess what? She was right!

I love how they come out with the foccia bread with olive oil, and it’s slightly crispy and salted on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside it’s divine! Catch Beach Club serves its patrons, with nice cold towels to wipe hands with before we start eating and to cool off in the sultry Thai sun..

I wanted to start off something light so we ordered the yellowfin tuna salad, which was unbelievable in terms of taste, and the dressing was so light it was perfect! The Yellowfin Tuna was quite a unique taste as I have never had YellowFin before. Highly recommended. The Sashimi, well what to say other than it is fresh, light and very tasty! All of these dishes were exquisitely, prepared and presented.

This truffle pizza at Catch Beach Club comes with a nice fresh shaving of the Italian Black truffle which enhances the taste by 1000%! We all shared the pizza as it was on the light menu, before the actual dinner menu as we got there at 4:30 pm. We were in no rush, as we enjoyed the cocktails with breathtaking views of BangTao Beach. The thin crunchy crust and the gooey gooey melted cheese, furthermore, the smell of the truffle was outstanding!

The Iberico Ham was a delight, however I really loved the Blue Crab Salad. I was craving crab for quite sometime and finally I got my fix! Moreover, the Blue Crab was sweet and succulent, the flavours were orchestrated to make the tastebuds do a jig! The Salmon and Tuna ceviche was also extremely tasteful and the culinary magic of the chef’s deserves a standing ovation. All of the dishes we tried, were all a hit, like the top 40 billboards of food, these definitely are on the chart for best entrees. Catch Beach Club, you are amazing place for wining, dining and dancing.

The you think you cannot eat more … just keep reading and you will be wow’ed as to what comes next.

yes .. jaw dropping presentation of the SeaFood Extravaganza ! The F&B manager chose this for us to graze on. When it came out, it was so huge actually this was the case of “too much food syndrome”. People usually say their eyes are bigger than my stomach. Well, in this case, I think my stomach was getting bigger than my eyes! Nevertheless, there are 2 different kinds of lobsters on this Seafood Extravaganza board. The rock lobster and the Phuket lobster, along with seared tuna, salmon and an entire fully grilled squid. Jill, the vegetarian in our group was happy as she devoured the potato balls, the grilled corn, steamed broccoli plus all the amazing dips.

Catch Beach Club, how did you do this? The seafood platter was so big it was hard to fathom how we could chow down on this. Make sure you order this for sharing unless you have a big appetite.

This was it. Wow what a feast. I didn’t even include some of the dishes such as the gazpacho soup and the hamachi with edible flowers floating in the soy sauce. Highly would recommend everything we ordered. You won’t be disappointed for sure.

As they presented the tableside serving of chocolate and vanilla mousse, my curiosity was piqued. Simultaneously, one of my friends opted for a warm apple tart accompanied by whipped cream and a side of lemongrass ice cream. I requested a cup with both chocolate and vanilla mousse, and they gladly accommodated my preference. I couldn’t determine which flavor was better, but both were incredibly light and fluffy. Despite being stuffed, the mousse’s airy consistency made it surprisingly enjoyable.

Well folks, this was a serious feat not of just the eyes, but the bellies. Bring on that spandex people! Joking aside, I would highly recommend this place. Since coming back to Bangkok from Phuket, I have been recommending this place to every single one of my friends. I really want them to experience such great vibes, food, and of course ambiance and to dance the night away at Catch Beach Club.

With a huge, thanks to the bartender who helped pick us our yummy cocktails, for Ian, the GM at the Twin Palms Resort (a must stay destination) for allowing us this incredible opportunity to sit and chill in this gorgeous beach club. A BIG hearty shoutout to the F&B Manager, who not only suggested but did the ordering for us. Thank you to all the servers who graciously served our every whim too!

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