Flavors of the East: Exploring Bangkok’s Culinary Scene with Patiala Peg!

by fauzia

One of the nicest things about coming to Patiala Peg is the location. Located on Sukhumvit 24, right in the heart of one of the busiest districts in Bangkok. I would consider this as my local watering hole, Indian pub that has great happy hour and spicy Indian snacks. This sort of underground hidden bar is located on the side of Oakwood Suites to Oakwood Residence Sukhumvit 24, which makes it more appealing. Their happy hour is until 10 PM if you can believe it. I would definitely go here to have my drink after work. Why, because it’s quiet and it’s hidden away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

So let’s dive in to Patiala Pegs’ Indian cuisine, and make this a memorable moment! By the way, do you know what the word peg means? In Thai and Hindi, the word “Peg” means to have a peg is a unit of volume, typically used to measure amounts of liquor in the Indian subcontinent. So basically, I would translate this to a “free pour” type of situation which I think is pretty cool so let’s bottoms up and have a PEG!

So let’s get started on the appetizers that we ordered to begin with at Patiala Peg, on our Indian culinary journey. I really enjoyed the fish appetizers as they had a bit of a kick to it. I really love the green chutney it comes with. Originally originating from Hotel Buhari in Chennai, India, Chicken 65 is enjoyed as either an entrée or a quick snack, renowned for its spicy, deep-fried chicken preparation.

I am really quite puzzled as to why it’s called chicken, 65? Does anyone know? Please enlighten us as I have seen this dish in some Indian restaurants. Here I am now writing about chicken 65 and I still don’t even know why they call it that. I find it to be quite a unique name for an entrée. I keep asking myself why is it called chicken 65. So wanted to look it up but then I forget. Then I go to a restaurant that has it on the menu and remind myself to look it up again then I forget..

The lamb sticks are or kebabs on skewers are nicely grilled and good flavours all around. I know that they have vegetarian options as well, so if you have any vegetarians in the group, most welcome to come here and eat.

I really felt like having this daal tarka, at Patiala Peg because it’s a little bit lighter on the stomach. I find that other lentils are quite heavy, so this one was idea with naan. However, this daal was quite tasty and the naan dipped into it. YUM, I can still taste it and now hankering for another hearty bowl of it. I really like these nines because they were not the really thick and fluffy ones. They were more like a big tandoori roti, which, of course I got unbuttered because of calories.

If this is what Tandoori prawns taste like I am in all the way! The succulent of these prawns and the taste of the tandoori masala on top wow what a great mix. More importantly, the coriander sprinkled on top was also a great combination to eat with these prawns. Malai Broccoli is a flavorful and delightful appetizer recipe where broccoli florets are coated with rich, creamy malai marinade and grilled to crunchiness perfection. I’m not a huge fan of too much broccoli, but with the malai, it was quite good. This is definitely one appetizer. I would add for the vegetarian in the group.

During our conversation while having lunch was the topic of more food. So the three of us we sat here and just compared restaurant after restaurant and we were just like wow the amount of restaurants in Bangkok.

Have you ever had fish curry at Patiala Peg? As a child growing up, fish curry was a special dish made in our household. On one hand, it was my dad who would regularly prepare it, while on the other hand, it was my mom who excelled in creating the incredibly delicious fish curry. I grew up eating fish curry only when my mom felt like cooking it. I was happy to see fish curry on the menu here because you don’t often see it in many Indian restaurants. However, this fish curry was prepared a bit differently. It was a bit on the sweeter side. If you want something, not as spicy, I would suggest to order this dish.

I have always wanted to know what Rogan josh is. Again, it’s one of those dishes that you always see it on the menu you order it you love it you taste it and then you think oh I wonder where the origins of this dish should come from. It is an aromatic curried meat dish originating from Kashmir. Typically, Rogan Josh is made with red meat—traditionally lamb, mutton, or goat. Primarily, the alkanet flower and Kashmiri chilies is what gives the dish its deep red hue. It is one of the highly recommended signature recipes of Kashmiri cuisine. So we ordered this and the dish didn’t disappoint. It was very heavy on the spices and very aromatic. I would recommend one serving for two people as there was quite a a god portion.

We didn’t get a chance to have any dessert probably because we were full with all this great food and great conversation. I am sure the selection of dessert is good although I didn’t look in the menu and it’s probably a good thing.

I want to thank Joseph the Area General Manager for allowing me to come and try the cuisine at Patiala Peg. You can order these dishes online on any of the delivery apps, as well as Eatigo has special for lunch and dinner at certain times.

I think the entire staff for this amazing meal. I’m very grateful to the Oakwood Suites and my friend who told me about this venue. Make sure you watch in the near very near future for some great beer and pakora specials!

With Love and Gratitude,


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