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A new and upcoming restaurant on ThongLo Soi 13 on the main floor, Nico’s Grill and CraftHouse. I was so impressed by this place that I ended up going there twice in a week. This time, I got the attention of the young ambitious owner Nico the powerful driving force behind the establishment, the Grill Father! They are open and they are fabulous. From Mediterranean fusion Turkish cuisine to specialty beers, this place has a great vibe!

Let’s get down to the business of eating! As soon as you walk into Nico’s Grill and Crafthouse, you immediately feel a good comfortable welcoming feeling. It wa so hard to chose what to have for lunch, however my friend and I did our best to not over do it as portions are huge and super fresh.

The Falafel Feta Salad.. OMG a HUGE must order to add to your table. The falafel salad, not only looks great but the falafel was well cooked. It had a nice crunchy exterior and moist on the inside. That is the way Falafel should be cooked. The salad was accompanied with a soft feta cheese plus the greens underneath were fresh and lightly seasoned.

The Mediterranean Prawns, we’re highly recommended by Nico. I can definitely see why! The sauce with the fresh garlic lightly sautéed baby tomatoes and the lemon wedge added to the entire flavour of the combination of the dish. I’m not sure what kind of bread is, but it’s a Turkish bread and it’s so good to use for dipping into the sauce after popping a prawn – it is a mouthful but a very tasty one.

The Hummus and Bread, was very well presented that it almost doesn’t make you want to eat any of his food because it looks too good. The texture of the hummus was just right, like goldilocks and the 3 bears, baby bears was always just right. The bread is also the right thickness to satiate your appetite, and the hummus with the tomato salsa like centre gives it that necessary splash of exploding flavour seasoned to faultless.

It was such a hot day today in Bangkok, that I ordered Yuzu Lemon soda. I drank it so quickly as it went down so fast I couldn’t believe it. It was so tasty and so refreshing. I almost wanted like order a jug of it because it was very good. I typically don’t order these kind of drinks as they have sugar in them but these ones do not have sugar so it was ideal.

The Beef Donair Sandwich, was oh so big and stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. It is a but hard to hold and yet my friend Rina and I managed to do it. We cut that baby in 1/2 and devoured it. Furthermore, with a medley of fresh raw onions, carrots, cilantro, and coleslaw piled atop tender salted beef, this sandwich is simply divine.

One of the dishes that Nico recommended for us to try is the pizza wraps. So these Lahmachun, are basically like a Turkish pizza in a wrap style. Apparently they’re very popular with the ladies because they’re easier to handle and hold as opposed the beef donair sandwich. Although the taste in both of them are very good, depends on how you can manage eating a messy sandwich as opposed to one that sort of wrapped up and not as messy? Highly recommend as both are great for sharing.

Oh Boy oh boy!! Nevertheless, Rina and I were so filled up after trying only a portion of both of these sandwiches that we had to take home a doggy bag. The mixed platter came out with their incredible sauces that you have to try.

A small bowl of sautéed mushrooms along with a small bowl of rice accompanying the very well done meats on the platter. The meat on the platter are as follows: the medium beef cuts strips, the 3 grilled kebab (chicken, lamb in center, beef)chicken thighs. By the way, each kebab was juicy (not dry), the platter was grilled to perfection. Just behind the bowl of the rice and the mushrooms were two homemade dipping sauces, which you definitely need to dip the meat in.

While waiting for Nico to bring out the dessert, I couldn’t understand what he meant on the menu. It was called mom’s spaghetti, but it was in the dessert section.. I was like how is this possible? How is mom’s spaghetti a dessert dish? He said just wait and see when I come to prepare it.

When you dine at Nico’s Grill and Craft House, you’ll find yourself torn between several delectable dessert options. However because this dessert is so unique and fun, I know you will pick this one. This dish could easily become your top choice. Shall we have dessert first?

Nico .. I wish you all the best and success on your new fabulous establishment. Thank you to the staff who made these dishes extra special for us.

My friend has become your number 1 fan and will be travelling daily across from Sathorn to Sukhumvit to be at your daily specials.

Nico’s Grill and Crafthouse is available on Grab, Lineman and Food Panda. Make sure you click here to place your orders!

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