Fatty’s Bar & Diner VOTED the BEST Dive Bar in Bangkok by BKK Magazine!

by fauzia

At Fatty’s Bar & Diner, stepping through the door feels like entering a portal to camaraderie and conviviality. The walls, adorned with messages left by visitors from near and far, tell stories of journeys taken and memories made.

The cozy ambiance is further enhanced by the warm glow of lights and the inviting hum of chatter. In one corner, the stage awaits eager performers for the open mic night on Tuesdays, adding a touch of musical delight to the air. With its eclectic decor and welcoming atmosphere, Fatty’s Diner is not just a pub but a hub of community and connection, where strangers become friends and every visit is an adventure.

To watch an unedited conversation with Matthew (aka Fatty) please click here https://youtu.be/N8frhyX5h2U

When you walk into Fatty’s you automatically feel like you are sitting his his living room just having a few brews with Fatty & friends. The atmosphere is friendly and super casual. The walls are decorated with memorabilia and the place looks like a first class dive bar and diner. Come on down to try it out.. whatcha waiting for eh?

Welcome to Wisconsin, as I was dragon through with a friend on Route 66 in 2016! However, not really paying attention to menus at that time, I didn’t see the Wisconsin fried cheese curds on theme! The ones here are the first time trying it and it was good, especially the dip it comes with. When at Fatty’s Bar and Diner, make sure you try this Wisconsin staple dish!

The wings can out shortly after the handmade jalapeños poppers. They are small but super cheesy and spicy! Not super hot but spicy enough to drink. nice cold brew with hole listing the the live band at Open Mic on Tuesday nights.

The hot wings were hot, I mean great spicy taste and came out temperature hot too! Great combo. However, it is good to order both flavours – one to off set the heat of the hot wings.

Image Ribs and Fries | Fatty's Diner | Follow FauZia Reviews

One of the biggest reasons people come to Fatty’s Bar and Diner are their glazed ribs!. He said they are quite good in fact, he comes at least 2 times a week to have the ribs. So of course, Fatty had these made up for us and well, for a dive bar, they were quite yummy! The ribs glaze is a bit on the sweeter side like honey glazed and the fries are fresh and hot. They some with a tie BBQ sauce but what I rally wanted was a hot sauce. So you will see in the gallery photos. a sauce called “that Deang Sauce” is a homemade sauce, not commercially available BUT let me tell you, it sure did the trick!

So Darshan and I listened to the band for a bit then had to run off to go play music bingo at another bar in Sukhumvit

Thank you to Matthew and his wife for allowing us to come and check out the BEST DIVE bar in Bangkok! Make sure to watch the unedited conversation with Matthew (aka Fatty) please click here https://youtu.be/N8frhyX5h2U!

Check their daily specials on their Facebook page!

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