Carmina: Where Every Bite is a Latin Fiesta!

by fauzia

Get ready to swap your siestas for fiestas because Carmina is where the party’s at! This lively restaurant is all about bringing the vibrant flavors of Latin American cuisine to the heart of Bangkok. Carmina is located in the Mille Malle Mall in Skuhmvit, Soi 20.

From the moment you step inside, you’ll be swept up in the excitement of Carmina. What’s more, it’s like a culinary adventure inspired by the daring spirit of those who enter and the wanderlust of Anthony Bourdain’s storytelling. The founders’ passion for exploration shines through in every dish, each one a delicious journey from the sizzling markets of Argentina to the heights of the Andes in Peru. As a matter of fact, if I can describe Carmina in one word, it is spectacular!

Inside, you’ll find a sun-soaked eatery buzzing with laughter and friendly chatter. Additionally, the air is filled with the irresistible aroma of fragrant spices like aji amarillo, mingling with the mouthwatering scent of charcoal-grilled meats. I literally loved the long kitchen counter. We can see all the chefs just buzzing away, cooking creating, and plating.

The Pisco Sour is a beloved cocktail originating from Peru and Chile, where debates over its true birthplace still simmer. Equally important, this iconic drink is a harmonious blend of Pisco, a grape brandy, fresh lime or lemon juice, simple syrup, egg white, and a few drops of bitters on top.

Its origins can be traced back to the early 20th century, where it was crafted by skilled bartenders in Lima, Peru. In the same fashion, today, the Pisco Sour remains a beloved cocktail enjoyed worldwide for its unique blend of tart citrus, floral Pisco, and frothy egg white. Cheers to this iconic icon of Latin American cocktail culture!

The spicy margarita is a modern twist on the classic cocktail, infusing the traditional mix of tequila, lime juice, and triple sec with a fiery kick. Whether it’s from muddled jalapeños or a splash of spicy syrup, this zesty drink offers a bold and refreshing flavor profile that’s perfect for those who enjoy a little extra heat in their cocktails. By the same token, it is ideal for pairing with Latin cuisine or simply for adding excitement to any gathering, the spicy margarita is sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more. Furthermore, I love the presentation as it looks like there is a sombrero on it with the long red chilli. LOL

Now, let’s talk about the star of the show: Carmina’s menu. Above all, it’s a fiesta for your senses! Picture this: tangy Ceviche de Ají Amarillo, where seabass dances in a citrusy marinade infused with a vibrant heat. And that is just the beginning! From crispy sweet potato chips to homemade corn tortillas, every bite is a flavor explosion!

So are you feeling adventurous? Then definitely try the refreshing Tiradito de Aji Amarillo with tuna or sea bass. And if you’re a veggie lover, you won’t be disappointed with options like Ceviche de Mango and Ceviche de Hongos (that’s mushrooms, amigos) With this in mind, keep your vegan friends in the picture for this restaurant.

Alright folks, buckle up for a taste sensation straight from the heart of Peru! Get ready to meet Pollo A La Brasa, the ultimate Peruvian tradition served up with a side of pure deliciousness. The light smokiness of this chicken is not over powering and yet so subtle, you can taste the richness.

Picture this: juicy, succulent chicken cooked to absolute perfection in a wood charcoal rotisserie. And again, It’s like the chicken of your dreams, folks—tender, flavorful, and downright irresistible. And when it arrives at your table, it doesn’t come alone. Oh no, it’s accompanied by a lively entourage of flavor-packed amigos: salsa criolla, salsa huancaína, and salsa ocopa. So make sure you and your tastebud are radio for this amazing delectable journey!

First up, we’ve got salsa criolla—think of it as a refreshing burst of flavor with a tangy twist. Then there’s salsa huancaína, the iconic Peruvian sauce that’s creamy, spicy, and oh-so-addictive. And let’s not forget about salsa ocopa, a mouthwatering concoction that’ll have your taste buds doing the salsa dance of joy.

So, there you have it, amigos. Pollo a La Brasa at its finest—a dish that’s not just food, but a whole experience. It’s like a party on your plate, and you’re invited to join in on the fun.

Alrighty, folks, let’s talk about the Flan de Azafrán—prepare for a flavor explosion that’ll take your taste buds on a wild ride! Furthermore, this saffron-infused flan that’s so creamy and dreamy, it practically melts in your mouth. And the best part? It’s infused with just a hint of cardamom for that extra kick of flavor.

But wait, there’s more! Along for the ride are two trusty sidekicks: dulce de leche and butter crumble. Morever, they’re like the dynamic duo of dessert, adding a sweet and crunchy contrast that’ll have you coming back for seconds (and thirds, and fourths…you get the idea).

So, while you’re busy savoring every spoonful of this heavenly creation, just remember: the Flan de Azafrán isn’t just dessert—it’s an experience. It’s the grand finale to an unforgettable meal at Carmina, where every bite is a celebration of flavor and fun!

Thank you so much to Robert the restaurant manager along with Darshan and Dilip the owners, for allowing me to grace the table full of colourful cuisine. The desserts alone are so memorable, I will be coming back for more. So ladies and gentlemen, grab your partners and come down for a flavourful fiesta.

So grab your amigos and get ready for a culinary fiesta like no other at Carmina!

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