Kalido: Elevating Experiences with Fine Dining and Mediterranean Glamour, Phuket

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Welcome to Kalido, where reality fades away, and fantasy comes to life! Picture a place where good vibes and good moods blend seamlessly, crafting an ambiance that’s both chill and utterly relaxing. Kalido isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a fantasy waiting to be explored. Let the enchantment of flavors and the allure of the surroundings transport you to a world where every moment is a celebration of the extraordinary.

Embark on a whimsical journey of flavors at Kalido. A haven of Mediterranean delights nestled by the shoreline of BangTao Beach. Kalido offers enchanting sea views that paint the perfect backdrop for your fine dining adventure. Step into the magical world curated by the celebrated Chef Tammasak, a gastronomic wizard renowned across Thailand. Here, time stands still as Mediterranean allure intertwines with contemporary design, creating a realm where each dish is a masterpiece.

Join us and let the magic of Kalido unfold before your senses!”

This image is of entrance of Kalido Restaurant at prepared by Kalido, Phuket | Followfauzia.com

Sip on oceanfront cocktails, catch the sunset’s symphony, and let the waves serenade you while grooving to the cool background beats! As the influx of Russian visitors graces Phuket, we’ve added a fine touch to our menu. Complimentary Amuse Bouche is now a delightful feature, perfect for indulging in the elevated experience.

Delight in Kalido’s Crab Croquettes—a delightful blend of light crispiness, perfect for sharing as sides. Paired with our savory and spicy harissa sauce, it’s a culinary harmony that’s sure to tantalize your taste buds. The soft succulent crab slightly sweet tender meat inside the crispy coating of the croquettes. If you fancy crab, you will most certainly fancy these! And…. oh that ooooey gooey cheese!

Grilled Padron Peppers + Baba Ghanoush was a subtle, light and very different appetizer. While exploring diverse culinary realms, it’s refreshing to encounter the unusual. Furthermore, I seek out innovative appetizers in different places, each telling a unique story of creativity

Each of these gastronomic delights at Kalido is not just presentable but also an edible masterpiece. With a blast of flavors, deciding on a favorite or a definite reorder became a delightful dilemma. Kalido’s ambiance, chill vibes, and attentive care make it a place you’d want to revisit. Plus, have you seen the bar near the Oceanside? It’s a sight for sore eyes! An ideal spot to chill with friends and family, Kalido sets the stage for memorable dining experiences.

Kalido’s Grilled Prawns are a sensory delight, perched atop tangy Feta cheese, wrapped in filo pastry, and served with crusty sourdough. Each bite is a tantalizing blend of textures, with the Feta’s salty embrace enhancing the harmony. Perfect for sharing, this entree is more than just an appetizer.

Dive into the oceanic bliss of Crispy Fruity di Mare—a delightful calamari-style fusion of seafood treasures that captivates the palate with a crispy coating. Kalido nails it with this harmonious medley of flavors.

Experience culinary perfection at Kalido with Pan-Seared Scallops & Chorizo Mousse. The delicate sweetness of seared scallops meets the rich, smoky notes of chorizo mousse, creating a symphony of flavors. Kalido, well done indeed!

This image is of Phuket Lobster with frites prepared by Kalido Phuket | Followfauzia.com

Grilled Whole Phuket Lobster Piri Piri, Steak Fries I Tomato Confit was the star or shall I say “the Lobster” of the dinner this evening. Nonetheless, we all gasped when we saw this dish and the tray it was served on! It was a show piece, a centrepiece and almost too good to be true to eat. However, that didn’t stop us for long. We all shared this Phuket lobster!

No space left, but the guys at the table couldn’t resist the allure of cannoli and homemade ice creams. The Lemongrass and Lime ice cream came with a fruit plate and tequila shot—quite cool! Partner in food crime, Jill, loved it. I couldn’t squeeze in a bite of the cannoli, but the gents seemed to have the best time, knowing they didn’t have to share with us! haha!

Step into the enchanting realm of Kalido, formerly Palm Seaside Restaurant, a mesmerizing seafront oasis at Bang Tao Beach’s southern end. Whether basking in sunlit lunches or indulging in starlit dinners, Kalido transforms into a mystical lounge by night. The expansive forefront invites an alchemy of drinks and tapas, creating an enchanting prelude to dinner. Though sunsets elude, the magical atmosphere serves as the perfect finale to a day shared with friends.

Kalido—weave memories into moments, where each visit is a chapter in the fantastical tale of seaside enchantment.

Huge thanks to Ian for orchestrating the best service experience. The table had a min spend, but trust me, it’s worth it. Highly recommend the center tables for the ultimate fine dining pleasure. Oh, and let’s not forget the belly dancers adding magic to the evening with their moves to Mediterranean Arabic fusion music. A heartfelt thanks to everyone for etching this unforgettable experience in my memory!

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