Sun, Sand, and Serenity: The Lazy Coconut’s Tropical Escape by Bang Tao Beach!

by fauzia

Every time I am at the beach I listen to this one favourite song of mine by the Zac Brown Band called , Toes in the water! What a fun, upbeat and lively song and after arriving an grabbing a nice beach booth, at The Lazy Coconut, I put my toes in the sand. I turned on my Youtube and started playing that song. This place is right next to the Catch Beach Club so you can kinda hit two birds with one stone. Especially if you wanna go one place for food and another place for a really cool beach party.

Let’s begin the tour of The Lazy Coconut on BangTao Beach!

As soon as you walk into the Lazy Coconut, you feel very laid-back beach vibes. I really like the way the restaurant is laid out because there is a pool in the centre and beach cabana chairs surrounding the pool. The view of while seated here all facing the gorgeous views of the beach. There are beach booths that you could sit in and put your feet in the sand while you sip on a few cocktails. Furthermore, try some of their signature cocktails like the Bangtao pirate, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

This is one of the beach bars that you can order your cocktails from while ground on your feet in the sift white sand.

So .. while deciding what to eat, we ordered a couple of really cool cocktails. I love the Torpedo Melon and the Papaya colada, I love the vessels they came in. Very hip! The BangTao Pirate was also another very interesting drink and the glass even moreso. The cocktails all have a special uniqueness about them. So what are you waiting for, do not hesitate to order and not to mention, they are quite filling! So drink up and enjoy the view!

The fried Calamari was quite good, not too oily but crunchy. It wasn’t just calamari as there were various pieces of seafood as well. The Horiatiki Salad, on the other hand was quite rich in taste with the chucks of feta cheese and the large green olives. The saltiness of the olives and the feta made a harmonious collection of tasteful bites.

Exceptionally fresh ingredients in salad which made me hankering for more as we ordered these dishes to share among 4 of us.

Mezze Plate, shown below was a concoction of Mediterranean eats, with a baba ghanoush, hummus, grilled and fresh veggies along with pista slices for dipping into the sauces. This was perfect for the vegetarian in our group and he was loving it! Great sharing platter!

This image is of Mezzw Plate prepared by the Lazy Coconut  in Phuket. |

Now came time to order the mains. The highly anticipated Wagyu flank steak with the mix grilled vegetable, chimisuri and Jim Jeaw Spicy Sauce, was divine. The perfect protein paring with the lovely grilled veggies. We ll ordered something different to try all the deliciousness on the menu.

The Somtum platter was also quite a visual surprise as the ingredients were nicely arranged for maximum enjoyment. We could barely finish this platter as there was so many choices on it. Make sure you order this for the sole purpose of sharing with friends. The SomTum was nicely spiced and kinda marinated in the lime juice.

The Andaman grilled Prawns were a bit disappointing as the photo on the menu looked quite different than the ones we received. I didn’t know what to make of the prawns, as I dislike pulling the head off to eat the prawns, Anyway, nonetheless, the grilled prawns were quite tasty with the 3 sauces they came with.

One the best things I think we had ordered was the lazy triangle burger with fries. We all spilt in 3 and tried it as we were quite full by this time. I would highly recommend and repeat this burger all over again. The focaccia bead for the bun was a great use of that bread. It was lightly dusted with salt, the inside sauce was creamy and hints of spice emanated from the chicken breast. This is definitely the one you want to chose in case you cannot decide.

This image is of THE LAZY TRIANGLE BURGER prepared by the Lazy Coconut  in Phuket. | THE LAZY TRIANGLE BURGER

Right as we sat down, we could sense the clouds were looming over the beautiful ocean, and knew that it was going to rain. We moved our seats to a little bit more of a shelter place sort of under the restaurant roof still open air while it started raining. We didn’t want to get our camera equipment wet and that’s why we moved to a drier area. Once the rain stopped, then we moved back to our original seats, on the beach. We were driving the servers crazy I’m sure. However, they completely understood why we wanted to sit with our toes in the sand while we ate our delicious food.

Thank you so much to Ian, the GM of Twin Palms resort, a place you definitely want to stay while you are in Phuket. Thank you to my photographer Sohom, who took some amazing photos and my foodie partner in crime.

They’re not only open for lunch, but they’re also open for breakfast so check them out. They also do deliveries so remember to place your order with grab you can click here and order right away!

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