Grill & Thrill: Exploring Local Flavors at Baan Moo Rom Kwan Thai BBQ, Phuket

by fauzia

A very proud owner of this local thai BBQ eatery! Chef Nit is not only the owner, but the chef behind these BBQ delights at Baan Moo Rom Kwan, I was visiting Phuket and my friend and I wanted to go to the local market to buy some fresh veggies and fruit.

On the way to the local market, a friend of mine mentioned that we would love this place called Baan Moo Rom Kwan. She actually said the portions are huge and the food is good. So after we did our little mini shopping at the local market, we decided to stop here and have some dinner.

We had ordered quite a bit of dishes because we wanted to take some home because the prices were incredible and the taste was great.

This image is of owner Chef Now prepared by the Baan Moo Rom Kwan in Phuket. |

Once we finish shopping at the local market, we were kind of hungry, so we thought let’s go here and grab a bite to eat.

After we arrived at the restaurant, I walked around. It’s such a cool place actually very homey it’s open air it’s very casual. Jill and Sohom grab the table while I walked around to just kind of check out the restaurant. We ordered quite a bit of food, because we also wanted to take some for take away.

We ordered our drinks first and then our food came shortly there after. Baan Moo Rom Kwan was absolutely packed with patrons, and mostly all locals Thais. You know a restaurant is going to be good especially when the local Thai’s come to eat there. We ordered the Virgin Passion Fruit Mojito, Pineapple Coffee and the Rambutan Smoothie, my fav was the Pineapple coffee hands down. The drink was so delicious I never thought I would ever drink coffee with pineapple but this was very different. The way the pineapple juice infuses into the coffee. The bitter black coffee was quite refreshing in a weird way. I mean who would’ve ever thought to mix pineapple juice with coffee? Highly recommend to go out of your comfort zone and try it!

Once our food came out, we were absolutely stunned at the size of the portions, jaw dropped! Although my friend warned us, and said the portions were gonna be huge, we were not expecting this. We started to dig into our meals and I had to personally pack mine to take home. Softshell crab was tender, juicy and quite nice. Have you ever heard of the show called the Flintstones? Well, I felt like I was Fred Flintstone and it made me wanna say “Yabba dabba doo”. Wanna know why? ust look at the size of that spare rib. The BBQ sauce it came lathered in was tangy and finger licking good. The BBQ chicken was done to perfection. I could not eat another morsel. I just had one bite, which was enough. Nevertheless, I took the rest home. The portions are huge.

Next came the brief beef brisket, which I believe is ordered quite a bit because I saw it on quite a few peoples tables at the restaurant. This beef brisket that we had had was quite chewy and very difficult to cut. I would highly recommend the beef brisket be cooked a bit longer for easy chewing. The pork chop was very much like a beef steak. I haven’t much mentioned the salad because salad is a salad at the end of the day. However, the dressings that came with it was like thousand island. What I really loved was the slice of watermelon and pumpkin to eat with it.

Again portions were quite generous and large. All the dishes come with a side of sauce catered to that type of meat so with the beef brisket sauce, it was different flavour than the pork chops. Make sure you take some home for your pets as well! Your dogs will certainly enjoy the leftover bones. Make sure you take some home for your pets as well! Your dogs will certainly enjoy the leftover bones.

All of the dishes, prepared by Chef Nit, and his staff presented very well. The plates are quite large and I just love the amount of bountiful colour when the plates come out because they look so enticing. I would next time definitely go and try their pasta and some of the other dishes they offer on their menu. the menu is quite extensive and you want to take some time to look through it. Remember to always look at their specials. They always have daily specials.

I want to thank Chef Nit and his staff for preparing all of these delicious dishes, and I highly recommend any of their barbecued plates. I really enjoyed this place because first of all the Chef always is standing there with a smile on his face. you can definitely see the passion he has for his restaurant and knowing that people are truly enjoying the food that he makes himself. They also serve a lot of pasta dishes, and of course a lot of stir fry’s. However, we didn’t get a chance to try those because we were just way too full!

While in Phuket, if you don’t know what you wanna order for dinner, you can definitely order this through grab!

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