Delightful Fragrant Biryani’s: A Ultimate Flavor Explosion!

Hello Fellow Foodies, 

Welcome to Dum Handi Biryani. 

Biryani is an evergreen classic that really needs no introduction. 

India offers so much on its culinary platter but the one dish Indians unanimously love indulging in is the mouth-watering biryani. 

With local and hyperlocal variations having evolved into distinctive styles of biryanis, one is spoilt for options when it comes to experiencing this melting pot of flavours.

Biryani came to India from the Iranian lands, and stayed here to become a part of our cuisine since then. 

In 15 th Century AD India, Biryani was a quick wholesome meal easy for troops on the move. In 21 st Century AD, it is a symbol of salvation for food connoisseurs so much so that one can never hold their urge to dig in to a warm steaming Handi of Biryani.

We at DumHandi Biryani (DHB) believe that “Biryani” will be the biggest Food Services & Delivery category In Thailand. Biryani is a complete meal, filled with aromas & flavors, recipes can be both authentic & versatile, and it caters itself to delivery very well. 

DHB uses the best ingredients including one of the most expensive branded rice specially aged around 2 years, spices handpicked from Kerala, and most stringently selected meats & vegetables for its Biryanis & Kebabs. Apart from this, 

See you soon to have some amazing biryani’s! 


  • Date : October 26, 2023
  • Time : 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm (UTC+0)
  • Reg. Deadline : October 26, 2023 6:00 pm
  • Venue : Bangkok

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