Whisked Away to Culinary Bliss: The Siam Supper Club Experience You Can’t Miss, Phuket!

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Curiosity and while driving around the back of my friend’s motorcycle, it led me to Siam Supper Club. I was ready to back under the hot Phuket sunshine during my 3 week vacation. The concept of a supper club was different therefore, it drew me in by its intriguing name and concept. The restaurant’s artistic ambiance, adorned with captivating artwork and creatively named cocktails, instantly captured my attention. Additionally, I would like to point out that it is tucked away on the main road, nestled in the side shoulder of Lagoon Ave. Moreover, the dining experience here pleasantly reminded me of my time exploring eateries in New York back when I lived in North America. Let’s begin…

Frank Sinatra, Sophia Loren and Ray Charles Cocktails

So, how to explain the essence of these wonderful signature cocktails? Well, let’s give it a go.

Ray Charles: Flor de cana 4Y, Flor de cana 7Y Orgeat, pineapple golden falernum Port, Lime – My personal favourite. This cocktail had a generous “shot” of Cabernet Sauvignon poured on top! The way the red wine mixed wth the rest of the cocktail was stupendously good.

Frank Sinatra: Toasted coconut, washed, Diplomatico, Reservea rum, brown sugar, orange, bitter – A very strong and similar to the classic Old Fashioned.

Sophia Loren: June wild peach and summer fruits, gin, Cointreau, Thai herbs, lime, ginger ale – The peach flavor is subtle. You can certainly taste the fruitiness of this wildly popular cocktail at Siam Supper Club.

When the three of us were presented with these cocktails, Neo, the manager, pleasantly surprised us, leaving us unsure of which one to choose. The crazy thing is we tried a sip of all of them and I instinctually knew who would pick what! Sohom, took the Sophia Loren, Jill the Frank Sinatra and me, I loved the Ray Charles.

Which one would you fancy?

Brioche, French Endive & Apple Salad and Green Goddess & Romaine Salad

The homemade Brioche proved to be a delightful revelation. How you may ask? As we pulled the bread, it gently fell apart, the initial bite unfolded like savoring a cloud. Its ethereal texture was remarkably light and fluffy, creating a sensory experience that surpassed expectations.

Next on the table came the French Endive and apple salad at Siam Supper Club. The French Endive and apple salad gracing the table was a culinary masterpiece that delighted the taste buds. Crisp and refreshing, the endive leaves provided a satisfying crunch, along with the sweetness of the apples added a delightful contrast. The engaging blend of flavors was elevated by a light vinaigrette, creating a symphony of tastes that danced on the palate. Each bite was a journey of textures and a burst of freshness, making the salad a delicious and invigorating addition to the dining experience.

At Siam Supper Club, each dish is masterfully creative. This Goddess Green Salad was a twist on the classic Caesar salad. About this salad! As each lettuce leaf is generously coated with the green goddess dressing, it carries a unique twist! It totally adds depth and complexity to the classic flavor Caesar salad profile. Let’s discuss the creamy richness of the Goddess green dressing. The way this dressing complements the earthy notes of the Romaine, and along with subtle hints of garlic, parmesan, and a zesty kick of citrus. Additionally, it engages the taste buds in a delightful jig.

Roasted Pumpkin Raviolo

Embark on a culinary journey with the delectable delight of roasted pumpkin ravioli. Picture plump pasta parcel, one big a golden-hued masterpiece, skillfully cradling the essence of autumn within. During the raviolo’s magical dance with flames, the roasted pumpkin ravilio unveils a delightful symphony of sweet and nutty notes. In this culinary experience, your taste buds are sure to be captivated, enchanted with warmth and richness.

As your fork glides through the tender pasta, a fragrant aroma of caramelization fills the air. It’s a sensory experience that transcends the ordinary, with every bite delivering a medley of textures and flavors. Furthermore, elevating this culinary escapade, a hint of Parmesan complements the sweet and smoky dance within the ravioli. Additionally, it’s not just a meal but a celebration of the season. A fusion of craftsmanship and flavor that transforms every dining moment into an autumnal symphony.

Roasted Spatzle, Mushroom & Cheese Gratin

Prepare to be enchanted by the savory symphony of Roasted Spatzle, Mushroom & Cheese Gratin. Imagine a bed of golden-brown spaetzle, perfectly roasted to a crispy exterior that cradles the essence of comfort within. Surprisingly, each bite unleashes a cascade of flavors. The chewy delight of spaetzle, the earthy richness of sautéed mushrooms, and the gooey decadence of melted cheese.

As you delve deeper into this cheesy wonderland, the layers unfold like a culinary masterpiece. In fact, the roasted spaetzle provides an enjoyable bite each and every time. To emphasis the harmonizing with the velvety mushrooms that have absorbed the essence of the roasting process. Nevertheless, the crowning glory is the luscious blanket of melted cheese along with a golden embrace that ties the dish together. The creation results in a perfect balance of creaminess and indulgence. Roasted Spatzle with Mushroom & Cheese Gratin is not just a dish; it’s a celebration of textures and flavours, inviting you to savour the warmth and richness of each bite in this comforting culinary escapade.

Firstly, let us embark on a delightful culinary adventure with the exceptional Chicken Liver and Pork paired with artisanal Sourdough. This savory creation is a uniquely blend of flavors and textures. All this while featuring a velvety, rich pate crafted from a blend of chicken liver and succulent pork. Furthermore, the expertly seasoned pate promises a symphony of savory notes. Meanwhile, creating a luscious spread that dances on the palate with each delightful bite.

Paired with slices of rustic Sourdough, the experience reaches new heights. Once again, the crispy, golden exterior of the bread yields to a soft, tangy center, providing the ideal canvas for the indulgent pate. The contrasting textures create a delightful interplay, as the robust flavours of the meats meld with the subtle sourdough undertones. I would recommend this dish for lunch paired with a nice glass of white wine. Cheers!

Fish Market of the day

Imagine the sensory delight of a freshly grilled mackerel, its bronzed skin glistening under the warmth of the grill. As a result, an aromatic symphony of Thai herbs dances in the air. Notably, teasing your senses with notes of lemongrass, kaffir lime, and cilantro. The mackerel, perfectly cooked to tender succulence, boasts a crispy exterior that yields to reveal moist and flaky flesh. More importantly, the grilled mackerel, adorned with Thai herbs, is a celebration of freshness and bold. Whereas, the aromatic spices, elevating the humble fish to a symphony of taste.

A hearty thank you to Neo the restaurant manager, the staff at Siam Supper Club and Chef Dave the magician behind the delicious dishes. Make sure you book ahead in advanced to secure your seats for a wonderful and enchanting evening.

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