It’s a wrap @ Wraptor!

by Fauzia

Wraptor, located on the corner to Sukumvit 71, this very unassuming place will blow your tastebuds out the door! Well, one shouldn’t assume anything, because you know what happened when you do! Wraptor not only blew my mind but left me satiated and fulfilled! I had no clue it was Mexican food and this place is giving all the other Mexicans food eateries, a run for their money!

Vegetarian Taco Salad

Full of flavour, this taco salad was da bomb!! Crispy fried taco bowl with all the right seasoning! There were loaded on spiced up mushrooms, filled to the brim with crunchy delicious veggies. The dollop of the sour cream was the highlight for me as other Mexican places use this “runny sour cream” and it really should look like a scoop of ice cream just like this. The crispy taco shell to graze on while finishing this large salad amount the other dishes presented.

Fries and hot sauce

The fries were so hot fresh and crispy! The dipping sauce was spicy and perfect to dip the fries in! I am not sure what was used in the sauce but it truly is out of this world tasty!

Beef Tacos

These beef tacos were seasoned perfectly, served in true Mexican style, with the purple shallots, cilantro and lettuce. These tacos were filling and the consume was truly divine. These tacos definitely deserve a standing ovation. Hehe!

Beef and Mushroom Quesidilla

Oh so gooey and oh so cheesy .. these were the cheesiest and tasted quesadilla’s in town! These beef quesadilla’s came out dripping with stringy cheese and loads of mushrooms and tender cooked beef! The fresh tomato salsa and the hot sauce was the bomb!! There was so much filling oozing out! Usually the quesadilla’s are so skimpy in the filings but not these!

Avocado. Vegan Tacos

I think the kitchen here at Wraptor, must have an avocado tree in the back yard, as these avocado’s were so creamy, fresh and beautifully ripened. The mix of the avocado almost like guacamole, hints of tomato and cilantro danced on my tongue doing a jig!

Wraptor is perfect for that vegan friend you have and can safely bring them here for great eats!

Chicken Burrito

This chicken burrito was bursting at the seams chock full of fresh delicious taste! Lately I have developed a strong passion moreso for Mexican flavoured foods and I am loving every bit of this!! The taco chips add a nice touch to the burrito and the sauce was the ideal addition to spoon on the burrito before digging in!

If you love Tex-Mex this is the place for you! Contact them for delivery as well and there is parking nearby for the Sukumvit 71 location. I have not been to the ones in Ari but I will most definitely go there to try them out!

Definitely no room for dessert nor could I afford the calories! LOL Next time I will start with dessert first!

Thank you to the staff at Wraptor, for making and serving us this incredibly delicious food!

They have 3 branches of really good Tex-Mex food.

Here are the branches:

1. In front of Soi Ari Samphan 22.

2. Soi Ari 2 near Fynn condo [Wraptor Cafe]

3. Sukhumvit 71 Soi Pridi Banomyong 14

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