“Discover the Mouth-Watering Secrets of Authentic Thai Cuisine with Silom Thai Cooking School – You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is!”

by fauzia

Wow .. what a great experience! So, I normally do dinner and professional networking events for expats as part of my food / restaurant blog and this was an event I decided to do! What a great ides for my dinner vents as they are considerably smaller groups, we had 8 people which was the perfect size.

Located on 1/2 way on Decheo road, which is accessed from Silom Road, this cute cozy little cooking school has been around of 20+ year and well , you gotta applaud them for staying in business and surpassing all difficulties! Bravo! Very easy to find if you take grab!

In the beginning, we got a lessons on the basic herbs and ingredients and how it enhances flavours naturally depending on how they are cut! Wow .. great info! Moreover, all the different kinds of basils, garlic, and chilis, I mean who knew this much detail! So glad I came here to experience this!

Our first dish was the Tom Yum Soup and we made ours with shrimp, so it is called Tom Yum Goong in Thai. We carefully cut our ingredients, put them in our really cool trays and then went to the kitchen to cook. You can watch the entire full video on @followfauzia YT channel

Tom Yum Goong Soup

Once we devoured ourTon Yum Goong soup, as it didn’t look like much but we were somewhat full after eating this, we then moseyed on to our next dish… the famous Pad Thai!

After we had that Tom Yum’s goong soup it was so filling just even that small portion but it was so good that we had no idea how many dishes were going to be coming in majority of us could not even finish the food that we cooked for ourselves.

Now onto the Pad This prep!!

Pad Thai

I love these little wooden trays that they so nicely and carefully prepared all of the ingredients that were supposed to go into Pad Thai. After describing all of the ingredients on our pod Thai wooden tray there was spring onion, bean sprouts crushed garlic, a block of tofu and in the little condiment cups,there was coconut suga,r fish sauce, chilli pepper flakes, crushed peanuts and some pickled cabbage I believe a really small amount and I thick sticky sugar.

Once we prepared , we headed back to the stove area to cook our pad thai.

Below is what mine looked like! YUM!

Call amazing colourful ingredients this was our prep for making Penang curry below. We all were so delighted to pay attention to our teacher, as now we can make this delectable delights at our home knowing exactly what ingredients we need to whip up it up! However, when I cooked my Penang Curry I decided to not use the sugar because I don’t like to have sugar in my food however after not using any sugar I realized there’s a reason why sugar is put in Penang Curry.

So here we go .. if you wanna watch the entire video please subscribe to our YT channel right here!

This is how my Penang Curry turned out. Furthermore I realized how easy it was to learn thee dished at the Silom Cooking School in Silom. I realized that the sugar is a essential part of making this classic, so i now understand why each and every ingredient is important for the overall taste. NOTED it!

Penang Curry

With our bellies completely full and our minds racing to memorize all the knowledge we were learning, we were so excited to taste everything we cooked. Moreover, the eating all the dishes after we prepared, was morefeaastful for the eyes than the bellies! We kept wanting to eating taste more but out bellies wouldn’t let us!

Green Curry

This is how my green curry turned out and I couldn’t be happier! The incredible Basil Sweet Basil the chunks of chicken the coconut milk that we squeezed in the beginning which is mentioned in the video and shown in the video(follow fauzia YT channel) coconut milk is made to all of the delicious ingredients that made this dish so incredibly yummy

Mango & Sticky Rice

It didn’t matter how full my belly was but I had to have this fresh mango and sticky rice with the condensed cream on the rice it was literally the icing on the cake or in this case the sticky Rice!!

The sticky rice is soaked eight hours before and then the rice is actually steamed in a basket which was really cool because I always wanted to know how sticky rice was made and now I do!

Thank you to the teacher and the SiLom cooking school located on Decho Road in Silom.

I would highly recommend if you are new to Thailand and want to have an activity that is quite an expensive and fun with interactive people this will be the place for you! Check the website for the different type of dishes they teach and different timings and book they are super fun casual and flexible!!

With Love and Gratitude,


All photos @copyright by Follow Fauzia.

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