Levantine Tapestry: A Mosaic of Greek, Turkish, and Lebanese Culinary Wonders

by fauzia

Okay, let me spill the beans about what drew me into this hidden gem – the door. Seriously, it’s not your average door; it’s like a portal to wonderland. So, curiosity got the best of me, and I swung it open to discover this whole new world inside. I have been to Turkey and inside of Levantine took me back to a place where I fell in love with Istanbul.

Image of Levantine Mediterranean Cusine | www.followfauzia.com

Fast forward to a lunch date with my partner in crime, Jill, a few weeks back, and oh boy, this place is a mood! We’re soaking in the middle eastern zeal, and guess who we meet? The main man himself, Amar, the owner. He’s this super cool dude who not only welcomed us but treated us to a feast of flavors I never knew existed.

Long story short, this door wasn’t just an entrance; it was an invitation to a culinary adventure, and Amar made sure we had a front-row seat. If you’re ever in the mood for surprises and fantastic food, this place and its unique door are a must-try!


Image of Levantine Mediterranean Tabloueh Salad Cusine | www.followfauzia.com

Dive into the refreshing world of Tabbouleh, where every bite is a spurt of citrusy goodness. This Middle Eastern salad is a vibrant medley of finely chopped parsley, ripe tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and earthy mint, all dancing together in a citrus-infused symphony.

The zingy notes of lemon or lime dressing elevate the flavours, creating a light and invigorating dish that’s a perfect harmony of freshness and tang. Tabbouleh isn’t just a salad; it’s a citrus-kissed celebration that awakens your tongue with every delightful forkful.

Arnabeet Makle

Image of Levantine Mediterranean Cauliflower Fritter Cusine | www.followfauzia.com

Hold onto your gustation, everyone, because I am about to about to talk about Arnabeet Makle – the cauliflower that’s basically doing a flavour jitterbug in your mouth. I kid you not, this isn’t just cauliflower; it’s cauliflower elevated to superhero status. However, this is the second time I have had this and I simply put, cannot get enough.

Imagine crispy golden florets, each one like a piquant bomb waiting to explode. It’s not just fried; it’s fried to perfection. And the seasoning? It’s like a wizadry spell – a blend of spices that turns this humble veggie into a taste sensation.

Make sure you eat it when it first comes out on the table, because it is soooo good when it is hot and fresh.


Image of Levantine Mediterranean Cusine | www.followfauzia.com

Let’s talk about Mouharnara – a dish that’s basically a Middle Eastern flavory dish. This is the first time I am having this and I am very pleased as it is different than the other dips I have ever had. So just imagine this: tender grains of cracked wheat mingling with vibrant red peppers, tomatoes, and a symphony of aromatic spices. It’s like a shindig in your mouth, curated by the culinary geniuses behind this Lebanese delight.

Now, the real MVP of Mouharnara is the star ingredient – Aleppo pepper. It brings a gentle heat and a rich, smoky flavor that’ll have your taste buds doing a happy twist. And let’s not forget the nutty crunch of pine nuts, adding that perfect texture to every bite. This extra zing in this dish is what I love because I LOVE spiciness in my food.

But here’s the kicker – Mouharnara isn’t just a dish; it’s a journey. Each forkful tells a story of tradition, bold flavors, and the warmth of Lebanese hospitality. So, if you’re ready to take your taste buds on a trip, Mouharnara is your passport to culinary bliss!

Mixed Grill

Image of Levantine Mediterranean Cusine | www.followfauzia.com
Mixed Grill

Alright, let’s talk about the Mixed Grill, perfect for sharing. We’ve got the dream team of meats – lamb, chicken, and beef kebabs, all doing a sizzling disco on the grill. And don’t even get me started on those peppers and tomatoes – they’re like the rockstars of the grill game.

Now, warning: those peppers mean business. They’re the kind that puts a pep in your step, literally. If you’re not ready for a spicy tango, make sure to do a little pepper surgery before digging in. These bad boys bring the heat, so be prepared for a spiciness fiesta that’s as hot as it gets.

But hey, if you’re a spice enthusiast, go ahead and embrace the fiery magic! The Mixed Grill, it’s a succulent adventure that’ll have your taste buds boogie to the grill beat. So, grab that fork, cut those peppers, and let the feast begin!

Grilled Eggplant and Chickpea Fatteh

Image of Levantine Mediterranean Cusine | www.followfauzia.com

Get ready to dive into a flavor fiesta with our curried eggplants and chickpeas – a taste explosion that’ll have you craving more. Picture this: the rich, aromatic blend of curried eggplants and chickpeas, crowned with velvety yogurt and a sprinkle of nuts. It’s basically a scoop of heaven, especially when you pair it up with some crispy pita chips.

Whether you’re kickstarting your day with a bold breakfast or treating yourself to a snack sensation, this creation fits the bill. So, grab those pita chips, get ready for a smooth ride, and let’s redefine the way you snack. Because who says heaven can’t come in bite-sized portions?

Samaka Harra Tripoli

Image of Levantine Mediterranean Cusine Sea Bass | www.followfauzia.com
Sea Bass

So, after tackling more courses than a Christmas turkey, we roll up to the grand finale – the Sea Bass sensation. This fish is like a culinary curtsy, all tender and soft in the right places. And here comes the almond cameo, adding that extra nutty swag that’s basically the sea bass’s BFF.

Oh, wait, we can’t forget the rice – the Lebanese rice that’s so full of gusto, it’s practically doing a flavor cha-cha. I mean, it’s so good; you might consider starting a fan club just for the rice. It’s like a side dish that steals the spotlight and leaves you questioning why you ever bothered with anything else on the plate. Sea Bass, almonds, and a rice party – now that’s how you wrap up a feast!

Om Ali

Image of Levantine Mediterranean Cusine | www.followfauzia.com
Om Ali

When you think you have had enough, the out came the dessert. Om Ali, a dessert I have never tried Ned enjoyed throughly. A very light sweet dish made with soft croissant like bread in chunks baked in a cream sauce topped with nuts and raisins. The burst of sweetness came with sinking our teeth into the raisins and the crunchiness from the topped nuts. This was a hit with us all, mostly because it was not sugary. Highly would recommend this to try!

It is too bad Amar, you couldn’t join us to have this wonderful feat prepared by your chef. The ladies who were serving were outstanding for serve and of course the ambience is very middle eastern, definitely took me back in time to Istanbul especially the other side of the restaurant. Thank you so much for the wonderful feast and hop to see you guys again as the cauliflower will always be ordered when I am there! 😊

Levantine is also open for delivery, so make sure if you want to order anything click here. You can watch the Instagram reel of Levantine right here.

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