Bon Appétit! Savour Unlimited French Delights at Chez Papa’s All You Can Eat!

Bon Appétit! Savor Unlimited French Delights at Chez Papa's All You Can Eat.

by fauzia

Well, firstly, I had to come back and try the all you can eat for 2 hours at Chez Papa. I organized a dinner event with a group of friends this time around. What’s more, is that we could literally try each and everything twice as we all collectively ordered the mixed tapas platter, as suggested by Eric, the owner of Chez Papa.

Chili Stuffed Peppers

Chilies stuffed Peppers

These stuffed Child Peppers came out and we all went .. ohhhhh as they looked so appetizing! Moreover, I love how we can order everything and share as we go. Yes, these chili peppers were stuffed with something delicious inside but they came out cold, which is exactly how they are supposed to be! The outside peppers were crunchy like peppers are supposed to be and had a bit of a zing! YUM!

Chez Papa, the food here was so good we couldn’t stop ordering and eating! Secondly, all very fresh ingredients and loved the way they served them! Additionally, perfect size portions to be served for all you can eat, moreover the presentation was superb! Remember not to waste this food by ordering too much, as it is quite easy to do!

Mixed Tapas

Al the little French tapas here!

Eric was sitting with us while we were deciding what we needed to order, so he stood up and said, I am sending you a mixed platter! Additionally, you should have seen our faces when this platter came out, again we were awed! The presentation on the board with a mixed assortment of tapas, with no hesitation, we dove right in! However, with so many different tapas so it was a culinary guessing game of what the toppings were we are all delighted! After we delicately devoured this board of tapas, we ordered 3 more! We literally couldn’t get enough! Next, can you guess what is what based the photo?

Chicken Pesto

Chicken Pesto Pasta

This Chicken Pesto at Chez Papa’s was “fork licking good”! We wouldn’t get enough of this dish! I didn’t realized French food was this delicious! Furthermore, after I had ordered this and shared with my groups, they all ordered their own servings. The nest thing here is that you can share everything and if you like something you can order more for yourself! It is ut more fun to share food at Chez Papa’s all you can eat!

Prawns with French Bread

Prawns with Bread

Thirdly, these prawns perfectly prepared in a light sauce which was enough to dip the french baguette in! The sauce was light tempered, it was tangy yet ideally spiced for the palate! Moreover, the prawns was soft and chewy with the flavour infused in! Chez Papa, you definitely know how to serve up some mean seafood! Meanwhile aren’t the dishes so colourful?

Mixed Tapas

Mixed tray of tapas

All .. not one or two or three, but all of these tapas could be eaten in one snap! In addition, the tapas such as the beetroot with the cheese, the tofu with kimchi, the croque madam (the one with the quail egg) along with so many pinchos really filed up our bellies! And, fourthly, a generous glass of sangria is also included with the all you can eat! In this instance, a plethora of great tasting tapas smorgasbord of flavors highlighted our table!

Croque Madam

The croque madam is a very tasty dish however, it was very simply prepared on a most casual way! I really enjoyed it with no spice whatsoever. Again, for me even though I love spicy food, this one was one of my favourite tapas. Simple and tasty. The sprinkle of green garnish makes it more appealing. Nevertheless, my group ordered this one 3 times! Can you imagine?

Finally, I didn’t even write about the featured photo which is a cold cuts platter! The food is absolutely amazing! make sure you order the cold cuts platter for sharing. It is worth it!

Eric, it is always a pleasure to come and sit to break bread here with you, family or friends! Lastly, Chez Papa has such a great friendly vibe and I can see why you are always busy! We sat outside on the side of the restaurant with our dedicate team of servers, who took our orders with patience and excellent service. The group I arranged to come have dinner, are all loyal fans of Chez Papa. Well done!!

With Love and Gratitude,



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