Eat. Drink. Love. at Ganesh Indian Restaurant Nepali Khaza Ghar in Bangkok

by Fauzia

I had a pretty pleasant sensation as I walk towards Ganesh Indian Restaurant Nepali Khaza Ghar, a short distance from On Nut BTS station. I loved the Tibetan flags which decorated the ceiling and the open air concept. Located on Sukumvit 50, just across from the BIG Lotus, it is tucked away on the side from the hustle and bustle of the main road. It won’t take too long for this little restaurant to make it’s mark in Bangkok.


As soon I was seated, I was greeted by a sister and brother team, Rose and Rak. After a bit of conversation, I was offered this complimentary snack, called Nimki, which is a savoury snack! Great to munch with an ice cold brew! This snack is a huge favourite during the Holy month of Ramadan/Ramzan. I actually can eat it at anytime šŸ™‚ not just during that month!

Sweet Lassi

Sweet Lassi ( so so so good )

I normally do not start off my dinners with Lassie because it is quite heavy for me, however, this one was so light and frothy that I couldn’t stop drinking it actually! The perfect amount of sweetness didn’t give that heaviness feeling! Leonard, also quite enjoyed the drink, it was so hot in Bangkok, it was quite refreshingly cool!

Chicken Tikka and Salad

Chicken Tikka with Salad

Quite honestly, as I was perusing through the menu my eyes were feasting upon dishes that were different, not the usual everyday going to grab a burger and fries! My glaze looked up at the food photos on the wall and I saw the picture of Newari Khanna set and I immediately knew!

My tastebuds on high alert and we’re ready to explore new heights of culinary delight! This was it! The Newari Khan set – I was most keenly interested in this particular entree because I had never seen anything quite like this! So for sure, I ordered this, and let me tell you, it was a HIT!

Newari Khanna Set

Newari Khana Set

Newar, people who comprise about half the population of the Kāthmāndu Valley in Nepal. They speak a language belonging to the Tibeto-Burman family, but their culture has been strongly influenced by Indian religious and social institutions.

I am so glad I ordered this dish here at Ganesh Indian Restaurant Nepali Khaza Ghar, as it surpassed my expectations. The items on the big plate are: Beaten rice, Chicken Cholle, Black chick peas, Pickles, Aloo fry, chewera, and Badmas sadeko! All I can honestly say is YUM and ya gotta try this dish! It is perfect for sharing too, but you might want it all to yourself once you get started!

As Rose mentioned, the food eaten between two meal is khaja. Sometimes khaja refer to snacks or casual food eaten during break and also in many Newar festivals. Khaja is light food and most of the time it doesn’t have regular meals items such as rice or roti in it. Thank you for the clarification Rose!!

Shrimp Curry

I am so grateful to Leonard who introduced me to Ganesh Indian Restaurant Nepali Khaza Ghar! Well done my man well done!

This shrimp curry, looks innocent but it sure has a mean kick! My ultimate favourite to eat with garlic naan! Spicy, zestful and mouth-watering! I wanted to take home the “curry” sauce left over as the masala’s in this curry were very delicious.

Cheese Naan

During the dinner, Rose and Rak sat with us to explain the different Nepalese spices used in the cooking here. It very similar to Indian and Pakistani spices. However, having some familiarity but overall the taste is very unique.

The patriarch of the family, Raju Balami, started this venture in 1997. He
established it in Koh Phanghan and now 1 location in Bangkok. They plan to open more 2022-2023 and we couldn’t be happier! Their father, Raju hand grinds the spices daily and everything is made from scratch. The quality ingredients that goes into making these dishes, you can certainly taste it!
Restaurant management: Chotiros Balami (Rose) and Chotirak Balami (Rak), are the 2 older children. They are fun delightful conversationalists, who are passionate about the food, the restaurant and their cultural heritage.

Chicken Momo

Furthermore, you cannot leave a Nepalese restaurant without having the classic chicken momo’s. These momo’s were simple, not spicy and a good to have in between to lower the heat from the spicy shrimp curry!

There was no room for dessert, however with that I must say, for anyone reading this, Ganesh Indian Restaurant Nepali Khaza Ghar, is a definite must try! Take a chance and try something different you never know, you might LOVE it!

Thank you to the entire family for this amazing dinner. Leonard and I had a great time to visit plus enjoyed the true warm, generous, hospitality of Rose and Rak. Wish you all the success here in Bangkok for this location and any future ones you will open in 2022-2023.

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