Free Flow Wine Thursdays at this amazing Italian place! Check this out!

by Fauzia

This place is definitely a must to try in Bangkok! Chef Giuseppe’s and the owner of this restaurant Trattoria Delina, is one of my favorite restaurants, not only because the food is outstanding, however if you are a wine lover, Thursday is the day for you!


Oh… the vine-ripened tomatoes, the delicate seasoning of garlic and basil, this is defining the perfect starter to warm the tastebuds! Sip of house wine, in red or white and you can sit and sip for hours here! You can get a private room upstairs that will fit up to 10 people, that is where we started and now we’re hooked.

I have come to Trattoria Delina on many many different occasions mostly on Thursdays for ladies wine night, birthday parties, and just a small get together of friends that want to make Thursday a Friday night to remember. Trattoria Delina is located near the Ploenchit BTS and is a short walk to the restaurant.

Tempura Shrimp

These were some of the most scrumptious prawns I’ve tasted yet! The homemade mayonnaise dip with the crunchiness of the Panko crumbs and deep-fried prawn would be a hit at any party! This appetizer was gobbled up quite quickly and we had to order two more, just couldn’t get enough of it.

Salmon with creamy avocado dip

This was prepared delicately as salmon can easily be over cooked. The salmon was slightly crispy on the outside and very perfectly done on the inside. The green beans and veggies we’re a la Dante. The chunky potatoes complemented the dip very nicely and the overall combination of flavors was divine.

Seafood Pasta

When I got to the soirĂ©e, this dish was sitting right in front of me and I had to quickly take a picture otherwise it would’ve been gone! When I had a chance to catch my breath, I sat down and had a sip of the delicious red wine. Then, I had a chance to dip my utensils in this wonderful seafood pasta! The spices, the texture and the exquisite tastes mulled all over my tongue like a cloak in the darkness! My eyes bulging with delight at the size of the seafood. Growing up in Canada, land-locked, the seafood that is available in Bangkok looks nuclear size. We must look absolutely crazy when we exclaim at the size of the seafood portions, in sheer delight!

Meat Pizza (Parma Ham with Mushrooms)

Every time I come to Trattoria Delina now I definitely have to have one of their delicious pizzas and this one I’ve had before but again it doesn’t get old! Moreover, the selection of pizzas are definitely worth trying, all of them! One of my fav’s is the 4 cheese with the ham and mushrooms! Heavenly!

Veggie Pizza

Fresh ingredients, crunchy vegetables and creativity make the outstanding vegetarian pizza worth ordering again and again.

Seafood Risotto

HOLD UP! The red thai chili’s give this risotto such a zing! Of course, these are requested by moi, as I love the red hot chillies in my food. However, it comes without the chilies, but Trattoria Delina, is fully talented in the amount of spices they use. So no worries here if you want to spicy they will add it on the side if you want it is the way it is because it taste great that’s OK to! The seafood risotto came with so much seafood that there was hardly any risotto and the seafood was pure freshness!

Parma Ham rolled in fresh Cantaloupe slices with Burrata

How did I miss this? So much selection such variety and creativity in the menu one definitely has to go back over and over. The cantaloupe gives this dish the slight sweetness that mixes perfectly well with the Burrata’s saltiness, and the parma ham just gives the perfect added touch! This appetizer is perfectly balanced!

A huge and hearty thank you to the chef and the staff for the always consistency in the quality of ingredients, the service and the never ending smiles!

If you don’t know where to go on a Thursday night definitely check this place out it will be worth your while!

With Love and Gratitude


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