Let’s Scoozi over to this new pizza parlour in Sathorn Soi 10

by Fauzia

This place was born in the midst of COVID as another popular Japanese shabu-shabu closed its doors, this pizza place too advantage of coming into this new upcoming Soi in Sathorn.

Scoozi Pizza has amazing deals throughout the week you might want to give them a call or check them on Facebook. (see the link below)

I actually got a hold of them on Facebook messenger to order pizza cause I’m right around the corner. Immediately responded send me a list of pizzas and a special they were having for Sunday night BOGO -Buy One Get One! I was like OK I’m in!

The wonderful pizza makers at Scoozi

I placed the order online and then got ready to walk over and pick it up. I ordered the nacho pizza which I’ve never had and I was very curious to see what this was all about. The restaurant itself was super clean, great ambience and attentive service. Furthermore, a beautiful quiet soi in the heart of Sathorn.

Nacho Pizza

As I sat in the restaurant and waited for them to make my fresh hot gooey, gooey, cheesy pizza, I asked if I could have one slice in the restaurant because I was super excited about trying this nacho pizza.

The pizza came on a beautiful wooden tray all decked up and fully loaded with crispy nachos on top! Sour cream drizzled on top as well as chunks of chicken and pickled jalape├▒os grazed the top of the pizza. Hand-rolled crust but the center of the pizza was way too thin almost transparent which was kinda disappointing! But over taste and toppings, superb!

Nacho Pizza

One thing to note here, when ordering the Nacho pizza, make sure to eat in. Reason for that is because the nachos will get soggy and that is not cool! Take away if you are close by, no problem. The nachos taste so good on top of the pizza when they’re crunchy, cheesy and flavorful! A definite twist on pizza!

Just an FYI – they also have over 17 different types of pizzas I picked two because that’s all I could possibly try in one sitting.

Scoozi Supreme

Definitely not for vegans, this is a meat lovers delight and I wanted to try this pizza because it is their signature pizza hence the name is Scoozi Supreme!

This pizza had chunky sausage, ham, salami, red bell pepper which came with a delicious pizza sauce underneath, was very tasty. One thing I would suggest is a little bit more cheese there was not enough cheese on his pizza it was almost like it had everything but cheese on it.

Discuss Scoozi Supreme I brought it home to eat, as I wanted to watch some Netflix and chill with fresh delicious pizza and a glass of vino! The perfect end to a Sunday evening in Bangkok.

Scoozi Supreme

As you can see the ingredients are fresh well prepared and fully topped! Very generous on the meat but needed more generosity on the cheese. I ordered a hand tossed crust which was really good but the middle part like bread the center of the pizza I found the crust to be a little bit flimsy.

Definitely recommend this pizza place! If you are in the Silom/Sathorn area, do pop by as they have specials for 199 baht for lunch (1- 10inch pizza or pasta with salad & drink) which is a smoking deal! You can add a glass of wine to that for 99 baht! Cool eats!

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