It happened to be a What? A Closet?

by Fauzia

I’m walking along the streets of Sukhumvit, just humming along listening to some great tunes going to meet a friend as I was walking from Chong Nonsi BTS to Sukhumvit Soi 39. (Yes that is quite the distance). On this walk I discovered such a cool restaurant snugged in an unassuming corner of Soi 23. I actually had a double, well a triple take to read what the name of this place was … and I was like what?! I was very intrigued. I even stepped in to politely ask, what is the actual name of this place and they said it twice, It happened to be a closet! I was like what? It happened to be a what? What an incredible concept. (Must Read on)

When you walk into the restaurant it’s an eclectic collection of some really cool pieces of thinga-ma-bobs! I mean, books stacked on the table, swans when you enter the place, with little animal figurines on books, cool decor got me the vibes all happening plus so much more! The closet is actually upstairs and it is where the Thai owner/designer has her creative and amazing designs for people to come. Her deisgns are one of a kind and trust me, you will go nuts!


One of the managers, AMM, took us upstairs and shared the history of this unique restaurant. While we sat upstairs and lounged in the “closet”, they served us these amazing cocktails. Tastefully delicious just like the rest of the dinner we were about to be served. Spectacular cocktails and a huge selection of wines to pair with the dishes.

We had a chance to take a look through her closet too! Was so nice!

Charcoal & Bruscetta

This charcoal bread and bruschetta was specially made for our enjoyment. These starters were delicious and we wanted to jump in to eat them all but realized very quickly to save our appetite for the incredible dinner which was going to be served to us. We needed to paced ourselves.

Mushroom Compote

Saut√©ed Mushroom compote with the garnished butter was very hearty. I mean who doesn’t like a dish of a combination of different mushrooms? Served with garlic bread, these mushrooms were prepared with gracious serving size. All of the dishes here I noticed were quite full and filling.

Cheesy Cauliflower

Roasted cheesy cauliflower was a hit for appetizers. I mean this could be a meal on it’s own. The generous serving size with heaps of cheesy goodness, this was a favourite dish for all of us! We truly enjoyed the strings of cheese stretching all the way to Sunday! It was not overly seasoned but very refreshing! One thing to note here is that the owner picks out everything, the dishes, to the decor and it is very suited to the entire atmosphere. Make sure you take a note of these minor details which make this place very uncommon! I love that!

Summer Salad

This summer salad with the grilled fish was unbelievable. The fish was very light and crispy. The citrus fruit in the salad mixed added such a summer flavourful flair. It Happened to be a closet definitely outdid themselves in the presentation and the mix of ingredients. The owner who is a true artist, sketches the dishes that she thinks of, then the chefs prepare the sketch. This very concept is unheard of! I found this overall fascinating and creative. It makes me want to bring out my talents and begin to use my imagination which has been buried deeply during this COVID time. Thank you!

Lobster with angel hair pasta

Oh la la …. the spicy angel hair pasta wrapped protectively around the lobster was truly scrumptious. I loved the decorative plate, the way the food is displayed and served. The taste is unmatched. All of the food is so different in all of the tastes and flavours. You know when you go to a restaurant and everything tastes the same? Well not here! It happened to be a closet is continually creating new and amazing recipes so make sure you get there and savour every bite and morsel they serve!

Lamb chops

We were pushing our tummy limits on this one! The lamb chops came out and whilst it look like a heap of yumminess, it was simply garnished and very well spiced. The rosemary hints, the olives delicately sprinkled and the roasted garlic was an amazing combination. Just when we thought we were done, they out did themselves on this dish! Thank you to It happened to be a closet chef’s.

Blueberry Cheesecake & Dark Chocolate Truffle

There was definitely no room for dessert but we just couldn’t help ourselves so we ordered a blueberry topped cheesecake and double dark chocolate deliciousness. Indulge …. oh heck yes!! YOLO ….you only live once! That is what I keep saying!

The food quality the ingredients the display and the complete ambiance of this restaurant is an experience. There is a swimming pool if you’d like you can bring your swimming suit and lounge around the pool with a cocktail before your dinner is served. You can also go upstairs and browse around the closet because it happened to be a closet and purchase any of her incredible designer one of a kind outfits.

Thank you to the staff who really prepared such wonderful dishes for us to devour and for AMM who took the time and explained the amazing details on “it happened to be a closet”. There is so much behind the scenes. A joyful experience to come here with family and friends anytime of the week. Make sure you book as they get filled up quickly. For a fine dining interesting and eclectic experience, go here!! (FYI: This review was done way before the newest alcohol ban which is today) It happened to be a closet is doing it’s part in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and making sure all measures are in place.

With love and gratitude,



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