Let’s begin the tastebud tour at Via Vai “il cortile”, and why you won’t be disappointed!

by Fauzia

Walking into Via Via, I was transcended back to when I was visiting Italy, the wonderful warmly lit cafes, exuding true Italian ambiance. Riccardo is a lively and jovial host, with unlimited energy! It was such a pleasure to meet him! I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into the dishes here as the aroma was so enticing.

New location Via Vai “il cortile” in On Nut

Riccardo, the godfather of Italian restaurants in Bangkok. Via Vai is a place you can most certainly call home. The enchanting vibes , the service and the food make it so comfortable, you won’t want to leave. The passion that goes into the making of these entries, is very meticulous. Via Vai has relocated to On Nut, a very popular area in Bangkok where many expats reside. This is such a great upcoming area full of the hustle and bustle of street vendors, fresh markets and local eateries. Via Vai was in Sukumvit Soi 8 for 18 years and during Covid, it is now relocated to On Nut!

Let’s now begin the tour of the tastbuds!

Diavola Pizza

A really good pizza …. is my most favourite dish! Seriously, what doesn’t a pizza have? The bread, cheese, tomato sauce, and all the toppings, however, not all pizza’s are made equal! The crust was divine, the topping all fresh and palatable! Diavola never disappoints! The chilli oil was spicy – what more could you ask for? Another great pizza to add the the “best pizza’s in Bangkok” list of mine!

Definitely if you are in the vicinity of On Nut, this pizza is a must order!! Via Vai is on the delivery apps, but even just contact the restaurant directly fo your order you will be a very happy customer.

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Squid & Spaghetti

I loved the presentation for this delectable entree. The way the squid is laid out and the spaghetti rolled, which by the way keeps the heat in, was superior in taste. Moreover, the portions are very generous and even though we shared this, it was very satisfactory! Via Vai which means “coming and going” is definitely the place to do this! I LOVE the meaning of this establishment!

Ossobuco with Truffle Mashed Potatoes

Ossobucco with truffle mashed potatoes

Ever had osso buco? “Osso Buco” means “hole of bone” because this marrow provides the rich flavor to the sauce. Beef Osso Buco uses Cross Cut Shanks for a traditional Italian dish topped with fresh parsley, garlic and orange zest. This dish might benefit from the use of a marrow spoon, one of those long, narrow spoons found in vintage sterling silverware sets. The delicious shank marrow can be difficult to remove (I used the skinny end of a teaspoon). YUM!

BreadSticks and Bread

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Another favourite was the basket of this delicious homemade comfort food, breadsticks and pizza bread! What is not to love having a glass of Prosecco with some dainty, crispy breadsticks dipped in oil and balsamic while waiting for the entree’s to arrive? Well…..VIA VAI, you did it again!



Tiramisu is an Italian dessert made of ladyfinger cookies, espresso or instant espresso, mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar, Marsala wine, rum, and cocoa powder that is elegant and delicious. When these various ingredients are combined, a flavorful yet refined dish is created. This was so light, fluffy, and creamy!! Maybe an idea would be ti have “dessert” first?

Riccardo, thank you so much for welcoming me to your new location and devour all your wonderful goodies! Leonard, thank you for the wonderful introduction to Riccardo!

Thank you to the staff who make all this delicious food and look after us making sure everything was available at our finger tips!

With Love and Gratitude,


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