There is no place like Blue Boar in BKK for good pub food and great vibes, check it out!

by Fauzia

‘This quiet little pub called the Blue Boar is nestled mid-way down Sukumvit Soi 18. Moreover, this pub seems quiet and yet every evening you will find the Blue Boar bustling with the local happy hour crowd! The Happy Hour prices most definitely will make your pocketbook happy as every day, you can get a free meal with an order of a drink! How can you beat that?

Mmmmmmm buffalo wings and blue cheese dip! What a great combo, thank you Blue Boar! The wings and blu cheese dipppity do makes it all better for you! What is a pub without a good set of chicken wings to order with your chilled beer? The blue cheese dip highly compliments the buffalo wings.

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Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips

I have been dying to try the Blue Boar’s, fish and chips and I am SO GLAD I did! Crunchy on the outside and soft glorious dory fish on the inside. I haven’t had fish and chip in such a long time! I couldn’t quite put what type of fish they use and then the owner Johnny Walker confirmed that it is dory fish. I laughed, as I thought about Dory from Little Nemo!

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This brought wonderful memories of touring England few years back and trying out all the fish and chips shops there! This was very close, except the only difference it the fish used. Hold the salt on the mushy peas though! The chip/fries are fabulously salted on the other hand!

Beef Burger and Chips

Beef Burger and chips

The big soft, fluffy bun with all the right fixing to make a tasty deeeelicious wagyu beef burger! I really love the presentation of all the dishes here, for a pub style, they are serving up some mean entrees! Great pub grub! #blueboarbkk

Meatballs and Gravy

Swedish Meatballs and Gravy

This was actually the first dish that came out and it was spectacular, especially for pub food it was marvellous. I really like the Lingonberry sauce, as it was a little bit tart and furthermore it was so tasty with the meatballs. The garlic truffle mashed potatoes also were such a great compliment to the meatballs. Overall I think this is what is my most favourite dish in the entire course of our meal at the Blue Boar.

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By the way, we also had prime rib with gravy and that was so nice and tender. Leonard and I both jumped at it and then I realized after I forgot to take a photo however you’re gonna want to try the succulent prime rib and gravy! The best!

I realize being a Canadian, how much I miss gravy, real homemade gravy! This gravy, I would have just eaten fries and gravy – a taste of home which I miss from time to time!

Pizza Supreme

Blue Boar Supreme

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The Blue Boar Pizza Supreme was great value for the money. I personally like my pizza crust to be a bit thicker however, this is perfect for those that prefer a thinner almost tortilla like crust texture. I actually took this home and reheated it the next day on a frying pan and it warmed up very well!

Thank you so much to the staff at the Blue Boar and Johnny Walker, you guys are amazing! I have done a few events here and the feedback that I get is always been positive. This pup is so friendly so welcoming and inviting you won’t wanna leave it’s almost like CHEERS bar! They will know your name and trust me when I say this, you will feel loved!

Feel free to let us know in the comments if you’ve been here or planning on going! We would love to hear from you!

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