Mrs. B’s Table and Bar: Where Culinary Elegance Feels Like Home

by fauzia

Oh, let me spill the tea about my first date with Mrs. B’s Table and Bar – talk about love at first bite! So, picture this: I stroll in, and the vibes hit differently. It’s like stepping into a place that’s part of your life story, even though it’s technically our first rendezvous. Decided to give it a shot on my Phuket holiday, December 20, 2023, for a friend’s birthday bash.

Now, Jill and I were on a mission to turn this birthday into a legend, so we snagged a spot on the patio. And oh, the vibes! It was like the universe decided to shower us with its blessings – and rain. Yeah, the unpredictable Phuket weather showed up, but we were cozy under a roof, turning that rain into our own romantic soundtrack.

Mrs. B

Image of Mrs.B's table and bar Phuke t |

Guess what, foodie fam? I had the most awesome chat with the mastermind behind Mrs. B’s Table and Bar – aka Sumi, the culinary maestro! Now, picture this: Sumi, with her Chinese Indian Malaysian mix magic, decided to create a restaurant that’s like the cozy embrace of your comfy home, but with a sprinkle of elegance. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the genius of that idea? Cheers to love at first bite and unforgettable nights on that dreamy patio!

Grilled Calamari

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Okay, folks, let’s talk calamari, but hold the deep-fry drama! Mrs. B’s Table and Bar just schooled me on a whole new calamari game. So, imagine this: instead of the usual breaded affair, they tossed that squid on the Woodfire grill. Yeah, you heard me right – grilled calamari. Mind blown! I mean you get grilled squid at the street vendors but this is not the same.

And here’s where it gets even more wild – they sprinkled some crunchy deliciousness on top. I mean, who does that? Buckle up because it’s not your typical calamari sauce. This was like a flavor rollercoaster, and I’m here for every twist and turn.

Baba Ghanoush & Pita

Baba Ghanoush /ˌbäbə ɡəˈno͞oSH/

When this exquisite dish made its entrance, a spontaneous smile lit up my face – the sight of those beautifully arranged edible flowers on the Baba Ganoush was nothing short of delightful.

As I embarked on the culinary journey, the subtle dance of smoky flavors and the light medley of spices created a symphony on my tongue. What truly impressed me was the ethereal texture of the Baba Ganoush – light, airy, and precisely how it should be. This wasn’t just a dish; it was a sensory experience that showcased the meticulous artistry behind Mrs. B’s Table and Bar creations. Each bite was a testament to the culinary finesse that elevates dining into an unforgettable affair.

Pork grilled Ribs

Image of Mrs.B's table and bar Phuket Pork Slices |

Dive into the world of flavor with Mrs. B’s Table and Bar, Slow-Roasted Pork Ribs – a carnivore’s dream! These boneless ribs are like a love letter to your taste buds, so soft and tender they practically melt in your mouth. The slow roasting process works its magic, creating a symphony of flavors that’ll have you savoring every succulent bite.

Picture this: each rib so soft it’s like they had a spa day before landing on your plate. The slow-roasting process doesn’t just tenderize; it elevates the flavor game to a whole new level. You’re not just biting into pork; you’re experiencing a symphony of smoky, savory, and downright delicious notes that’ll make your taste buds do a happy dance.

Mrs. B’s Table and Bar really knows how to turn pork ribs into a culinary masterpiece!

Red Tilapia and Greens

Image of Mrs.B's table and bar Phuket Tilapia Fish  |

Get ready for a flavor symphony – Red Tilapia with Greens at Mrs. B’s.

This fish is the superstar of the plate, cooked to perfection and served with a side of vibrant greens. Just imagine tender, flaky tilapia meeting a garden of fresh goodness. It’s a taste adventure that’s light, wholesome, and absolutely delicious. Dip the fish in the green sauce for a more flavour explosion.
Mrs. B’s Table and Bar, the Red Tilapia is a culinary triumph, where the art of cooking meets the bounty of the sea. The fillet, kissed by the perfect blend of seasonings, offers a medley of textures – flaky, succulent, and oh-so flavorful. As you savor each bite, the vibrant colors and freshness of the fish come to life, creating a visual and gastronomic feast. Complemented by crisp greens, it’s a well-balanced ensemble that reflects Mrs. B’s commitment to delivering a seafood experience that’s both delightful and memorable. For those craving a taste of the ocean, this dish is a true gem on Mrs. B’s Table and Bar menu.

Bangers and Mash

Image of Mrs.B's table and bar Phuket Bangers and Mash  |

Alright, brace yourselves for this taste masterpiece – Organic Bangers and Velvety Mash at Mrs. B’s Table and Bar. Picture this: sausages that are basically flavor bombs from an organic dreamland, paired with mash so smooth it’s practically velvet. Coming from Canada, we Canadian love our gravy aka as our national dish is Poutine! Gravy has to be done properly to make or break the dish, this was good gravy!

And the gravy? It’s the savory magic that ties the whole thing together. I have had bangers and mash in many other places and the quality here was a different level. The bangers didn’t have the “sausage” feel when eating them the quality here is superb.

Trust me, it’s comfort food dialled up to eleven!

Lemon Tart

Image of Mrs.B's table and bar Phuket |

Savour the zesty delight of the Lemon Tart at Mrs. B’s Table and Bar. These little bites of sunshine are a citrusy symphony, with a buttery crust that cradles the tangy lemon filling. Each tart slice is a burst of freshness, a perfect balance of sweet and tart that dances on your palate. It’s like a ray of sunshine in every bite – a lemon lover’s dream come true!

The NY Cheesecake ( photo below in the gallery) came in a close second. Definitely worth ordering both for sharing or to yourself lol.

Thank you so much to Mrs. B Table and Bar for this wonderful opportunity to dine in your establishment. Sumi totally nailed it, capturing that homey yet sophisticated vibe that we all secretly crave. I mean, who knew you could have the best of both worlds in one place? Mrs. B’s, you sly charmer, you’ve got that perfect blend of familiar and fantastic. Thank you to Chef Alex for preparing these wonderful dishes with your creative skills. The service also is to me mentioned as the girls here know exactly when

Here’s to Mrs. B’s – where casual meets chic, and every bite feels like a warm hug with a side of class!

With Love and Gratitude



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