From Croissants to Cassoulet: A Trip to Chez Papa’s French Bistro in Bangkok!

by Fauzia

While I was scrolling thought my Facebook timeline, I can across this new place I hadn’t heard of called Chez Papa! The name actually grabbed my attention and I thought for a quick moment, wow this looks kinda cool! So I decided to dig in a bit more and realized it is a French tapas place and I was very curious to try it out! I contacted the owner, Eric who welcomed me with open arms to come and try their all you can eat buffet which happens ever Tuesdays only! Luckily my foodie partner in crime, Romie, was able to join me!

Mini Appetizers

1) Goat Cheese and Beetroot, 2) Chicken oyster, 3) Duck and mango, 4) Stuffed garlic mushrooms, 5) Serrano ham and quail eggs, 6) Chorizo & green olives are all shown above here that we had tried. There were plenty more choices, and next time I go back, we can try the others! I will definitely go on a Tuesday once again! My first favourite was the goat cheese and beetroot, that was very interesting combination of flavours! The duck and mango was also a nice palatable amalgamation of savoy and sweetness. The stuffed garlic mushrooms are quite tasty. The Seranno Ham with the tiny quail egg was a bit on the piquancy side. Moreover, who doesn’t love Chorizo? So that one was also well flavoured!

Truffle Croque Madame

Truffle Croque Madame was not whatI had expected as I was thinking of another French dish similar to this one, however with that being said, this was very good! Little mini quail eggs, the fist time to eat these mini eggs! Tasted just like eggs! The soft delicious spongy bread with cheese underneath, I had to sprinkle some chili’s on it as everyone knows me, knows much I love my chilis! Nonetheless, my foodie partner loved it without the chilis said it was very cheesy, creamy smooth taste! I also relished the dish and it is quite filling due to the bread!


Cheese, Anchovy, Tomatoes, Mushroom Garlic Toastas

Cheese, Anchovy, Tomatoes, Mushroom Garlic Toastas was super unique and interesting taste! It was kinda eating a 1/2 of a sub with gourmet toppings. Rosie had never had anchovies before and so we chose that one for him to try it out and he fell in love with the saltiness and the strong fish essence. The union of the anchovies, fresh tomatoes and the cheese was superb. Must try this! However, we felt a bread overload in our choices, no regrets though!

Patatas Brava

Patas Brava

I am not quite sure how these patatas brava’s are prepared in the kitchen but I would say Bravo!! The potatoes were almost mashed on the inside, a crunchy texture on the outside and melty in your mouth tossed in delicious mixture of toppings! I know it is only potatoes, but worth the try for sure. Chez Papa prepared this dish in such a different way, the only thing I would add are crunchy bacon bits on top with a dollop of sour cream! But hey, it was so good this way too!

Chicken and Chorizo with Pesto

Chicken Pesto with Chorizo

Romie has a love for pesto, so of course we decided to try the Pesto Chicken with chorizo. Eric recommended this so we had to give it a go too! It came out hot and with a smooth aroma nestling in the dish. It was a good side dish to have along all the other little tapas, The portion looks small however, it was quite a good size and filling! Creamy, pesto and hint if spiciness all made this blending worthwhile.



While we waited for this dish to be served in our cozy little table at Chez Papa’s, we tried the Gazpacho. I have had gazpacho and it is a dish that is an acquired taste as normally soups are nice and hot and steamy. However, gazpacho soups are normally served cold so it is a mind frick! Gazpacho is a classic summer soup made with fresh tomatoes, cucumber, and onion that takes minutes to make and is served cold for a refreshing dish. It’s the best dish to serve on a hot day and a great way to use fresh summer produce in an easy recipe. Chez Papa most definitely serves this dish in hot Bangkok summer night! Good choice!

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Check out the photos of the dessert below, they too were the perfect six after a filing meal if you should so have a sweet craving afterwards! I LOVED the chocolate lava cake … but then again who wouldn’t love it here at Chez Papa.

SO overall, I would most definitely come back for lunch/dinner or just even drinks and a snack. Why, well for the simple reason, the service and food quality! The choices of small tapas are good and the wine cellar extensive.

Thank you to Eric and the staff at Chez Papa for allowing us to come and gleefully try your menu!

With love and gratitude



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